Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Peace Train? News - Latest News - Cat Stevens Deportation 'A Slap in the Face' “It seems that the US officials would rather that the untrue and distorted images of Islam and Muslims persist in the minds of its own citizens.”

Ok fair enough. Perhaps Anas Altikriti can help me with the following statement which were some of the last words heard by Eugene Armstrong: "'Now, you have people who love death just like you love life. Killing for the sake of God is their best wish, getting to your soldiers and allies are their happiest moments, and cutting the heads of the criminal infidels is implementing the orders of our lord."

How come these Arab groups only speak up when they are the target of mistreatment. Did I miss the Arab world expressing outrage at the death of Eugene Armstrong?
Also I'm pretty sure that the name Altikriti makes Anas an Iraqi from Tikrit. at least that's what I got from reading Con Coughlin's Saddam: King of Terror


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