Thursday, September 16, 2004


I'm not one to pass up opportunities to reference Sun Tzu, so I won't let this one pass.

Bush is meddling in things he doesn't know about. Dude never served. He never led anything other than a conga line at college. He drove business after business into the ground. Much like he is doing with America.

I have every right to protest his misleading and mishandling. Not that he ever thinks he makes any mistakes. Should I start capitalizing His pronouns? From what I understand of His religious beliefs, only one was without blame or mistake.

But He and His entire administration is marked by their uncommon arrogance. Their arrogance leads time and again to people dying.

THK was showing up to help draw attention to the plight of people who cannot vote in this election, but should fall under any protection offered by the Monroe Doctrine. She was helping out, and I would be surprised if you couldn't re-read that article and look at it as a request to contributors to stop sending clothes and start sending water.

Bush says that he supports the military. Yet I cannot think of anyone who has done more to hurt current and former members of the military. He shirked His duties, ignored the leaders, broke the law, failed to properly supply the troops, cut their pay, removed their benefits, and did everything He could to leave their asses hanging in the wind.

Why? Because He's an arrogant idiot. He's too stupid to understand how stupid He is, to arrogant to see how arrogant He is. He's out bass fishing while 20 year olds are dying for His arrogance.
Wow. Good long rant.


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