Monday, September 27, 2004

THK 1138

In another part of the city of 200,000, crowds pulled sacks of rice and beans from trucks in a convoy on its way to a UN warehouse.

Many have had little food since the floods struck a week ago and scuffles broke out in the streets as residents fought over sacks of rice and grabbed food aid from each other's hands.

The BBC's Dan Griffiths in Gonaives says that, at the moment, the UN is all that is stopping the anger exploding into violence. /i>

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Anger and violence? Surely over the lack of proper clothing! Every idiot knows that after a devasting series of hurricanes, people need clothing, first and foremost. Get out your old clothes and donate them to your local relief agency.

Do not — I repeat — do not donate water. Those poor people have already been deluged with enough water, I think.
CNN was reporting that people were saying that the only water they had to drink was water people had died in. I haven't heard about Laura Bush doing anything other than saying that stem cell research won't benefit anyone in our lifetime, so we might as well stop. I haven't heard about anyone in the GOP doing anything for the people of Haiti. Where's the compassion? And let's not forget those kittens!


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