Friday, September 24, 2004

Umm I don't know

Why is the First Lady spending time planning Christmas at the Whitehouse, while our boys are roasting their 'nads off in Iraq?

The Assault-wepons ban was always about form not function.

Cuban Terrorists now those are terrorists I could support.

Speaking as one atheist to another, we are a mono-theistic nation get used to it. I think it's kind of cute. You know we've got our own little creator, and we all get together and pray to her/him. It's harmless like collecting Furby dolls. The punch line comes when they die and realize that was their exsitance, and they lived it for a Furby doll. Living your life for someone else is a sin is the worse sin a person can make. In fact if we were Hold on --- Ayn, you get back up on that bookshelf you aren't part of this post. Sorry about that. Now where was I? Oh yeah it's all about Furby Dolls.

Nope my family went from Northern Ireland to New York after the civil war. But yes it is quite possible that their is an IRA connection. Family lore has it that we are related to Bernadette Devlin. As an Irish Catholic my sympathies for the IRA ended on 9/11.

And finally as Bart Simpson says: "All wars are bad except for The Revolutionary War, and World War II."

Oh now look at what you've gone and done. Ayn is up there pouting and Orwell can't seem to get her to calm down.


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