Thursday, September 02, 2004


How many arrests have been made in New York? You just know I'd be in the stir. Plus, there's a thing more ferocious than a storm in New York, but I won't get into that. Well, not right now, at least.

On the other hand, New York, despite the convention, is a solid blue state. I know where my nation needs me, and it's where I can put a Kerry/Edwards sign on a lawn until a hurricane blows it away.

My bet? The SETI signal, the new planets discovered, and increased "Black Triangle" sitings are all evidence of intergalatic things afoot. How did the aliens travel around in "Close Encounters"? In the middle of a big storm cloud. A storm cloud the size of Texas could hold a lot of ships.
I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords, and would like to remind them that as a blogger, I can help prepare the populace for their roles as slaves.


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