Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Why I Admire Geroge W. Bush

Since a defense was asked for, one is being given. As your cynicism ramps up as you read this, as you remind yourself that he is chimpboy, unfit to lead the Delta House, please keep in mind that this is, in fact sincere. And I do take this particular issue seriously.

In 1979 I was eight years old. During the Thanksgiving holiday of that year, Iranian students, followers of the radical Ayatollah Khomeini stormed the US Embassy and held our people hostage for 444 days. Yes, I know we supported the Shah. Yes, I know the Shah wasn't the nicest guy in the world. These students weren't really concerned with his ties to the US, though. They were more concerned with his ties "to the West."

We did nothing for months, then we threw together Desert One. No need to go on about that. Get this straight - just as the weird looking Canadian embassy on Penn Ave in DeeCee is on Canadian soil, that embassy was on U.S. soil. And we did nothing.

A few years later, Reagan - the man whose reputation alone was enough to bring the hostages home in 1981, pulled out the troops after the barracks bombing in Lebanon. I think you can see where I'm going with this.

Since Thanksgiving, 1979, we've had five presidents - and only one of them has actually decided that enough was enough and that we'd be taking the fight to the terrorists. We have now taken the fight to the terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan, and things are, quite frankly, going about as well as can be expected. And that fight, mind you, is for nothing less then the soul of Western Civilization. The enemy doesn't quibble over COLA raises for civil servants, they believe that the system that employs the civil servants is the handiwork of Zionist Imperialists and therefore have no right to live.

We use laser guided bombs in the hope of avoiding civillian casualties. They shoot fleeing children in the back by the hundreds.

We believe that you should worship whatever you like. They believe that the Jews should be dealt with first, then the rest of the infidels.

We argue whether women should or shouldn't have abortions. They use women as suicide bombers because they draw less attention.

The man does things that fly in the face of realpolitik, yet the cynical eye of the American Left sees in his every action the willful hand of Karl Rove or Dick Cheney. Money for AIDS in Africa? Must be some darker motive at work. Education Reform? Must be out to get the unions.

The idea, the notion, that perhaps he is motivated by the simple themes of Christianity is so alien to the American Left that even after four years, they still don't get it. And that is why they will lose. A majority of Americans believe in goodwill, acts of generosity and simple courage in the face of implacable odds. George W. Bush reflects those values, my values.

The opposition party in this country believes in cynicism, defeatism and France.

Taking My Ball And Going Home
I will no longer be repeating myself ad nauseum. Matter of fact, I won't be repeating a damn thing until after November 3rd. I'm taking the rest of the election off from blogging as, quite frankly, there is nothing left to be said. Every argument is "countered" with the spin from the Worst Campaign Ever. This isn't a debate, this is repition from TAP and the Democratic Underground. If I wanted to know what the Kerry Campaign had to say each day, I'd visit their damn website.
Nothing personal. See you all after the re-election.


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