Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Jennifer Emails, pt1

This is from my older sister, Jennifer

Okay, I'm going to make a pitch for W. I have listened to some of your and dad's comments on why not to vote for him. Now, I want to address what seems to be the most common complaint that he's not the brightest.

Out of the [our family's] children, I am not the brightest. I believe that you, Mary, and Carl are more intelligent than I. However, I am the one with the degree, that I got while working and going to school full-time, while going through the pains of a divorce with children. Also, I kept my GPA up and made Dean's list more than once. How come did I do this, while the rest, who have more intellect that I, did not.

There are so many attributes that define a leader. It is debated if a leader is made or born. I believe that certain attributes need to be there, but often a leader become defined by the situation he or she is placed. Not many would have pegged Harry S. (one of my top five in the President's catagory) as Presidential. After all, the man declared bankruptcy, did not graduate college, and was considered to be a lackey of the political bosses. Abe Lincoln failed many a time but rose to the occassion when God called upon him to do so. A modern day unexpected leader? Tom Brady. He does not have the physical abilities of Drew Bledsoe, but Tom has lead the Patriots to two Super Bowl victories in the past three years. No small feat under the modern day cap.

I agree that Kerry is smarter than W, but I do not think that W is a dummy. Again, I believe that there are other attributes that need to be looked at when choosing a leader.
This is Shawn posting for Jennifer, who hasn't quite figured out Blogger yet.


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