Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Jennifer Emails, pt2

This is my response to my older sister, Jennifer

I'm not certain I agree with all of your assements for the political sphere, but I will agree that leaders are more than just the smartest person in a room. If that was the case, America would be led by scientists or businessmen, but neither of those would be the perfect people to lead all the time.

Perhaps a personal example would be best.

When I started dating [X], some people said that I should concentrate on myself, having had a marriage just end. The awful things that happened that I've told people about since should also have given me greater pause. There were many times when I should have ended it, but I was resolute and didn't decide what to do based on the suggestions of others. I listened to [X] and trusted in her.

If I went so far as to say that I haven't made any mistakes, I would be just like George Bush at that point. I don't think he's a dummy. I think he's so arrogant that he thinks he's somehow smarter or better than everyone else. You're a Christian, so you might believe in the perfectability of man; regardless, you would say that there was only one flawless person, and that was Christ. For Bush to say that he has no failings is for him to say that he is on the same level as Christ, which I think we can agree, he is not.

Bush has, in my opinion, been wrong on nearly everything he has done (except for getting involved in Darfur early and diesel engine regulations). He accuses others of doing things he regularly does (the flu vaccine is the most recent egregious example; he claimed that Kerry's healthcare plan would lead to government control and rationing; in addition to trying to import vaccines from Canada and France (!) to abate the political pressures he's under, he's also trying to get the government to step in and also make sure that the vaccines only go to those who need them most). He blames others for failings that are essentially his fault (CIA, FBI, etc., etc., etc.).

Where does the buck stop anymore?

I have to take care of my mistakes. Furthermore, when I realized I was in a losing proposition that was only making life worse for all around me, I took steps that were unpopular with some but obviously necessary. I'm still not doing everything right, but I'm trying to improve a little every day. I try to be forthright about my errors and take responsibility. Some day, I would like to serve the nation as an elected official. I think a humble,compassionate approach is needed for the nation. That's what George Bush promised, after all.
This is Shawn posting an email to Jennifer, who hasn't quite figured out Blogger yet.


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