Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Jennifer Emails, pt3

This is from my older sister, Jennifer

Yes, a leader should take responsibility for his or her actions. Do you feel that that W is acting "swarmy"? The same could be said of Edwards. He was smirking during the VP debates. It's hard when you have grown up in a critical household to take responsibility for "bad" decisions. When you do not have the correct role model on how to say "I made a mistake. I am sorry. What can we do about it now?", being defensive and blaming others is quite common. [personal examples, excised by Shawn] Everyone fails.

Has W admitted to failing? Well, not really. When asked in the debates to name three things, he weaseled out of it by saying that he was not going to name names. Maybe in his mind he was not weaseling. Maybe in his mind, he still feels responsible for other people's actions (common trait amongst us first borns).

I am glad to hear that you are taking responsibility for your actions. I think that you have a strong will when you feel that things have come down to black vs. white.

Oh, Christians believe that there was only one flawless man, Jesus Christ. I believe that man can be made perfect, through God, after the Resurrection. So no, I don't believe that W is "all that and a bag of chips." And, I don't think he believes that he is either.

This is Shawn posting for Jennifer, who hasn't quite figured out Blogger yet.


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