Friday, November 12, 2004

60,000,000 and counting

Just galling, aint it?

Okay everyone, sing along with me:

"I'm still stuck in the nineties . . . "

I couldn't find all the lyrics to the old Gallagher song, so you get a picture of the clown and a hint at what the parody could be.

<Oldtimeradiovoice>Join us for those thrilling days of yesteryear! When ladies asscracks became liberated and any moron with a keyboard could convince Wallstreet to throw billions at his ludicrous ideas for selling petfood over the inter-net! This week, we remember the Clinton tax cuts, sponsored by Sud-so-matic cleaning fluid, for those really tough evidentiary stains!!</Oldtimeradiovoice>

Dude, you really have to get with the new program, or I might start gloating. And I promised not to, remember?
There's a better word for blood stains, it's just not coming to mind.


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