Saturday, November 20, 2004

Beyond the Outrage

I hate to bring this up again, but I didn't start this. Go back through the articles. Brian posted twice on the Dems, I responded. Then we stopped. Brian posted about how he thinks that claims of vote fraud are funny and I responded, even going so far as to follow the rules while staying jocular.

What do I get? I'm told that I'm unfair for comparing (in humorous fashion) Brian's dismissal of my outrage over voting irregularities to right-wingers' dismissals of left-wingers outrage over 1972 campaign shenanigans. I'm told that my friend "resent[s] the fuck out of it". WTF, dude?

Are you upset because I didn't stop defending myself? Are you upset because I didn't roll over?

Are you upset because you know, deep down, that I might be right?

I know that I am right that these charges shouldn't be dismissed. Every day brings more news of Bush turning the government into a politburo. Every day brings home disatrous news for families around the country as they receive souvenir flags to represent a loss that a $300 tax refund will never fill. What the hell are we doing this for? For cheap energy? For a group of old men's arrogance?

Do I resent the hell out of what you've been saying? Yes. Keep in mind that I live in one of the reddest counties of a narrowly red state. Even still, voting irregularities are being reported in my backyard, and it keeps me mad and motivated.

Why can't we have a clean election? What is the harm in investigating what happened? Why do we have to go to court to look at the ballots? What is your side trying to hide?

As for the assertions that the Left has become more Left, I roundly deny that. I think the Left has grown more centrist (maybe even too centrist) over the years, giving room for Nader and the Greens to grow into a political theme that must be considered. I think that the Right has grown more Right. In 1972, Nixon talked about a minimum family wage and universal health care. Nixon played race politics (guess there weren't many gays back then), and he might have been stinging from his 1960 narrow defeat, when there were allegations of vote fraud in Chicago.

As for Sen. Gene McCarthy, he wasn't a nutball. He was anti-war. Specifically, the Vietnam war. You got a problem with that? You think we should have used tactical nukes in Vietnam?

America must engage its military in certain campaigns. Neither Vietnam nor Iraq are such campaigns. As we begin our war plans against Iran, consider what the Bible says on this topic.
Blessed are the peacemakers.


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