Monday, November 22, 2004

gobble gobble

I'm off for a week, up to the frigid northern expanses of this country, by which I mean a brief stop in NYC and then on to Maryland. NYC to pick up my boy, then MD to see my sis and her new girl.

Driving with Mom and Dad for 12 or so hours, then DC Metro, Dragon Bus to NYC, abscond with boy via Dragon Bus to DC, Metro to Shady Grove, car ride past Dick Cheney's undisclosed location in Blue Mountain, MD, and then at my sister's place, where she has somehow promised to serve a fully cooked Thanksgiving meal.

Boy and I will unironically watch the Macy Parade. We will watch football with Dad and Sis. I will read Greek mythology with him out of the first book of Greek mythology I read from when I was in the second grade. We will go see "The Incredibles". We will thrill at the Star Wars trailer.

And then, Saturday, I will return him to NYC and take my leave of the town. Back to Florida, where Dad just picked citrus fruit off the tree to bring up north.

And so to bed.
Happy Thanksgiving! Expect a call Thanksgiving afternoon, Brian and Michelle. No call for you, Terry.


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