Thursday, November 04, 2004

I Want the Democrats to Win Elections.

Just not these Democrats.

Why they Lost this Election, Pt. I

By royal fiat, I have declared this to be a gloat free zone - but that doesn't stop it from becoming a presumptuous lecturing free zone, either.

Pay attention, you're getting the benfit of a lifelong obsession with Politics:

Lose the Amateurs

Politics is serious business, and is best practiced by seasoned professionals. But every election, the Dems turn to this insane gaggle of pollsters, international financiers, activists, film makers, and blithering idiots. These are not the people you want running your election. Why would you put your endeavour into the hands of somebody with a day job?

Boss Tweed wasn't called that because he run a tight shift at the muffler factory. He ran a political business, and he ran it pretty damn well.

Listen to James Carville and his ilk - they are more concerned with winning elections then they are with their next album, their next movie, their next book or their next cocktail party.

Get out of the Echo Chamber

Admit, once and for all, that the Mainstream Media is solidly in your corner, and is telling you exactly what you *want* to hear. Admit, after the CBS memo scandal, that these turkeys are solidly in your corner.

And they are being ignored in greater numbers every day. Work on alternative media outlets, work on Air America, work on connecting to the audience, not the advertisers and you'll learn some suprising things.

In the early 1990s, new listeners to Rush Limbaugh would say to their friends that "I never knew so many other people felt the way I did." There is an audience out there of Harry Truman Democrats. Find them and you'll start finding elections.

Forget the Kids

High School and college kids are enthusiastic because, well, they are about everything they do. But they have never, ever, been a driving force in the polls. They talk a good game, but they just aren't interested in voting. Never have been, nor will they. Politics is a serious business and, quite frankly, should be left to the grown ups.

And while we're on the subject, parents who have their kids do politicals things - wave signs at airports or give piggy banks of pennies to politicians should be subject to investigation by child and family services. Let kids be kids, for God's sake.

Embrace the Center

This is something that they have been unwilling to do for years. Big money comes from the fringes, but at a cost of advocating for some really silly things.

Ignore the coasts - they're in the bag anyways and if Clinton taught us anything, you can take time off from an election to execute a retard and it won't cost you a single vote in Manhattan or Malibu. Kerry almost got this, but we have now seen more pictures of him with guns then we have any other presidential candidate in recent memory. What failed him was his basic Kerryness - an inability to look authentic doing anything other than being idly rich.

Leadership, not Electability

I'm saying this for like the millionth time this year, but maybe somebody will listen: GOVERNORS win elections these days.

Bush 43, Clinton, Reagan, Carter.

They lack a negative national reputation and actually have to stand for re-election on a more regular basis. They also bring in a host of skills that are remarkably similar to the job that they are asking us to give them. They know about highways, welfare departments, school teachers and natural resource management. Most of all, they know about working with a Legislature.
I'll be posting site for the next week or so with unsolicited advice. Remember - I called this puppy months ago (Okay, I was off by ten states).


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