Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Impeach, Indict, Imprison

You know, for a political party that hates lawyers and demonizes the other side as just being full of lawsuit-happy liberals, I'm actually getting a little surprised at how much you guys are taunting us.

You went after our guy in the 90s. You got nothing. When you go after Bill, you had better be carrying kryptonite, not some half-assed lawsuit that ultimately gets thrown out for being meritless.

The last time we went after your guys was Iran-Contra. We got nothing, if you don't count the number of people who actually did end up convicted. Where are they now? Mostly serving at the pleasure of the President.

And as to how secure this "election" has been, consider that the guy who's just stepped down from the ironically named Department of Justice doesn't trust the security of government computer systems and had to rely on handwritten notes.

So, what's my plan for dealing with criminal thugs? Impeach, Indict, and Imprison.
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