Monday, November 15, 2004

Investigate The Vote!

The good little conspirazoids at are starting a drive to investigate the vote. You can send them your story of voter intimidation at:

Here's mine:
"I was on my way to the polling place at the local high school when numerous police cars started driving around and around the block at the school. I knew that I wasn't in any trouble with the law, but I knew there were others who might be intimidated by the presence of the police officers. I went in, showed them my ID and got my ballot. I filled in the ballot, fed it into the machine and the LED lights started flashing "Miority Democratic Voter!" It spit the ballot into an adjacent shredder and then called me a rude name. I was escorted out of the polling place by a cadre of highly skilled ninja alien GOP election monitors, who broke off one of my arms , and beat me with it. He then reattached my arm, gave me a sweetie and told me to come back to vote later. I did and it was okay."

The important thing to remember is that despite ample opportunity to do so, I did not send it in using the email address of
The remaining posts for this week must be singable to the theme from the X-Files.


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