Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Problem of Sports

  1. Janet Jackson
  2. Nicolette Sheridan
  3. Pacers and Pistons
  4. South Carolina vs Clemson

While I don't think sports represent nearly as bad a problem as politics, I do think that all people can agree that the events listed above clearly require that people of conscience call for the immediate ban of sports.

In fact, since Jacksonville was chosen to host the SuperBowl, I think I will begin calling for the official banning of sports. The local Southern Baptists have already indicated that Ms. Jackson ('cause I'm nasty...) is not welcome. Why not go to the next step? Clearly, sports are the root of all evil.

Or was it something else that was the root of all evil? Can't remember...
Sports were banned during certain periods of English history, so clearly there is a precedent.


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