Thursday, November 11, 2004

Satisfying His Own Sense of Greed or Pleasure

Bush has consistently given hand-outs to the rich and powerful, turned the instruments of government against the weak and oppressed, and mocked anyone who did not share his beliefs.

Consider this: when interviewed about allowing the execution of a woman while he was govenor of Texas, a woman who was his sister in Christ, George W. Bush mocked her. He mocked her fear of death. He mocked everyone on death row, despite the spate of people released from death row on the strength of genetic evidence. He's a petty, small man, and I really do believe he derives pleasure from the death and torture of people. Hence his appointment to AG.

I don't care what it takes to get him out. He's not making the country safer, like Clinton did. Even though Clinton was busy protecting America (terrorists had to wait until we had an idiot at the wheel before they could successfully attack), Republicans decided to take any potshot they could at our President for purely political reasons.
Stop publishing about how the Dems "lost" this one, stop taking cracks at Dems in general, and I'll stop. You were up by two before I responded, so you won't lose anything by stopping now. We can go back to links of evil sweaters.


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