Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Silly Syllogisms

From the PA ambassador to the UN (also, coincidentally, the unshaven one's nephew):
Al-Kidwa said toxicology tests were conducted during Arafat's two-week stay in France but "no poisons known to doctors were found." He did not, however, categorically rule out poisoning — which again could fuel theories in the Middle East that Arafat was murdered.

"This possibility could not be excluded," he said. "We are not excluding that but we are not asserting that, because asserting that requires proof and we do not have the proof that suggests there was poison."
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I kid you not, I tried to use that exact same argument in court yesterday with a records custodian, and you know what? Hizzoner didn't buy it either.
I have always respected the breasts on Liberal Women. Conservative Women are, on the whole, more stable and prettier, but more often then not the adjective "athletic" seems to apply.


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