Friday, December 31, 2004


Inteesting tidbit about the use of the term "odessy": the New York Times (love them or hate them) requires that the term only be used when a long journey ends where it began.

So, 2005 could be the year the odessy concludes. This could be the year that the Enlightenment officially ends. How can I say such a thing?

  • The ironically named "intelligent design" returns us to pre-Darwinian understanding [source]
  • "Jurisprudence" is again for sale [source]
  • Democracy is no longer on the march, it's on the run [source]
  • 5 million people live in the Stone Age [source]
  • Torture is somehow found acceptable by "civilized" "Christian" (as desired by some) governments [source]
  • Governments have to be yelled at and outshone by the generosity of their citizens before helping in the face of tragedy [source]
  • Steam engines are the hope of the future [source]
  • Political "winners" seek to completely disenfranchise political "losers" [source]

I want my hoverbike, lunar resort, and artificial intelligence, but they're not around the corner. We're closer to 2010 than 2001 in more ways than one.
One could argue that the Segway combines the best of hoverbike and AI


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