Friday, December 31, 2004

Please to Show Me This "Liberal Media"

Identify the following costs:

  • $177 million per day [source]
  • $30-40 million for the event (not including security costs) [source]
  • $15 million with an additional $20 million thereafter [source]

If you said the "war" in Iraq, the "Presidential" "Inauguration", and the US aid response for the tsunami, respectively, you'd be right!

We were going to spend twice as much for pomp and circumstance than to save lives? We were going to spend ten times as much per day on a war of our choosing (yeah, go ahead and trot out the long-discounted erroneous argument; I have a link to Bush saying that Iraq had nothing to do with September 11th)? You're kidding, right? A liberal media would have pointed this out, as BuzzFlash does. That's a liberal media. Yahoo? AP? Hardly. Nobody's going to the Daily Cardinal, which I understand is quite peeved, as well.
Dude, I'm right here. Harangue me in person.


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