Thursday, December 02, 2004

Thunderbird Goes RC1 Now

Well, Mozilla's lite email client, Thunderbird, is going to release candidate one status. Heady day, indeed.

Does anyone use it?

I know we have the FireFox revolution going on where MS saw IE lose something like 5% marketshare to an open source project, but will Ballmer start shaking in his boots over losing OutLook Express marketshare? I don't use T'Bird mostly because GMail is so good to me (I'm heavy on info retention and searching, light on ontology these days — I know, I know, I used to sort my porn into different directories, but that was before strong searches).

This does kind of get into the question of search vs. sort. I don't have Google Desk (but don't you, Terry?), but if there were an open source application that made file management as friendly as FireFox is to browsing, I might go with it, even if it was a revved up search engine. For now, I won't add Google Desk (primarily because it's the parents' computer I'm using at the moment and I'm scared of what Google's doing on the computer), but I'd really like to see something enter that arena from those players.

First, though, Mozilla should beef up their bookmark manager. It's a little on the underpowered side for my tastes. I would do it myself, but I'm still working on that thing for Brian.
Surely you've seen the hillarious proposed textbook stickers?


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