Friday, January 23, 2004

BusHitler KKKronies Rape Alaskan Wilderness (cont'd)

Without a peep from the former governor of Environmental-Friendly New Jersey, it looks like Bush and his cronies will have their chance to rape and pillage the last frontier unless progressive, grass roots Americans do something to stop it:
The proposed 745-mile, $6.3 billion pipeline extends from the North Slope area near Prudhoe Bay southward to the Alaska-Yukon border near Beaver Creek. MAGTC is seeking an affirmative determination that the proposed Alaska pipeline is a "qualified project" and MAGTC and its constituent owner-members constitute a "qualified sponsor group."
MAGTC is a subsidiary of MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company, a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate.

The North slope is the last true frontier in Alaska and is home to hundreds of Inuit Natives, whose lives will be DESTROYED by this project. Berkshire Hathaway is run by Warren Buffet, known Zionist NeoCon stooge of the RepubliKKKans.

This is *so* easy! All I have to do is disconnect any sense of responsibility from my writing and just about anything cvan come out!
"Development of Alaska's enormous natural gas reserves has long been hampered by unfavorable economics related to the remote location of the reserves and the difficulties and costs of delivering Alaskan natural gas to market. We believe those circumstances are rapidly changing and believe by the end of this decade Alaskan gas will begin to play a critical role in meeting North American gas demand."

The only reasons the circumstances are changing is because BusHitler and KKKArl Rove are planning on stealing this election, too! Has anyone else heard about the Pentagon Internet Voting Fraud or the Sperry Company's plan to rig the electronic voting machines? It's Real! I read it on the internet yesterday!
Other members of the project's sponsor group include Cook Inlet Region, Inc., an Alaska native corporation; and Pacific Star Energy, LLC, a consortium including Alaska native corporations.

How many of those "wink wink" natives "wink wink" are natives and how many are just being bought off with W's oil money? These natives are being played as pawns because they've been bought off by white Repuglican Corporate Stooges for decades!

That is easily the most racist thing I've written - yet the change of voice makes the Noble Savage sound like a Pathetic Losers who are incapable of making up their minds. This is really easy. I have got to do this more often.
Robert L. (Bob) Sluder has been named president of MAGTC. In addition, he serves as president of Kern River Gas Transmission Company, a position he has held since February 2002. Kern River, headquartered in Salt Lake City, is a subsidiary of MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company.

The Kern River pipeline system brings natural gas into Utah, Nevada and California. Extending from the gas-producing fields in Wyoming to Bakersfield, Calif.

And how many of those states went Repuglican in 2000? All except California, and who is going to stop Schwarzeneggar from handing over the entire state to Dumbya and Rover in 2004? With this kind of money he will be able to buy off the next four campaigns!

This is the important part - No connection to Bush has been made in the article - but we just superimpose the map of mineral rich states over the last election map and we can draw the kind of conclusions that lead four year olds to believe that hoof prints on the lawn + Christmas = Santa Clause. The bit about Arnie is the best. I hope I can work Ashcroft into this.

If Scrub and his cronies are planning on raping Alaska some more, it can only mean that the Iraqi Oil is going to be rendered impossible to extract by any conventional means. You want WMDs? He's going to to give you WMDs and I bet that an "accident" after the election will render to Iraqi oil useless, plunging the Iraqi economy into catastrophe and making the Bushy oil that much more valuable. Its the only possible reason for doing this.
I think I'm going to make this a weekly effort. The writing style is liberating and the wacky conspiracy stuff is fun to do.


Thursday, January 22, 2004

The Corrections

Well, I've been doing my part to bump up blog readership only to be corrected.
Since you mentioned you added cannibalism stuff to your blog, I had to go
see. Did I say there's no connection between cannibalism and meat taboos?
I know I said I didn't see any mention of meat or cannibalism in the origin
of the word "taboo." It seems that the prohibition of cannibalism is, by
definition, a meat taboo. People in that group are prohibited from eating a
specific type of meat. You didn't mention the German case in your blog. If
you wanted to get really disgusting you could add that.
The best way to encourage readership, it seems, is to misquote after informing someone that you quoted them. Therefore, I copy and paste from now on. The previous quote was:
This morning I had to look up candelabra and taboo. According to Oxford,
candelabra is plural, candelabrum is singular, and candelabra as singular
and candelabras are incorrect, but commonly used. Taboo is Tongan. No
mention of meat, though.
[We had been discussing candelabra and other vagaries of English the previous night - sl]
The previous night I'd said something about a connection between "taboo", meat, and cannibalism and had posited that "taboo" was either Polynesian or African in origin (it's mostly Polyneasian). So a big D'oh! to me for writing "meat taboo" when I meant "taboo"; part of me wants to edit my previous post to correct the error, but that wouldn't be right. And I don't really want to mention too much more about the German cannibal because I kind of think he just wants the attention. Instead, I'll link the connection between cannibals and Caliban.

And I'd like to publicly respond (as I already did via email) to this other response:
I checked your blog. [...] I think the Christians did not canabilize their own due to thoughts of the resurection. It was, and even to this day, thought that the entire body needs to be intact to be resurected on the last day. And before you ask, no I do not enspouse this view. From a concerned reader.
I replied:
Re: Christianity and cannibalism, not only (according to dogma) must the body be intact for the ressurection, but the consumption of human flesh is a high violation, since only Christ's flesh was consumed as he was the ultimate sacrifice; to eat another Christian's flesh would have been the height of sacrilege. The infidels, on the other hand, were not considered human. In fact, when the "Love thy neighbor" and "Thou shalt not kill" challenges were brought before the Church to block the Crusades, the Church said that these laws only applied to Christians. [From my email response -sl]
And there was much rejoicing


The Mars Spirit rover has stopped sending intelligible data back to Earth ``in the last 12 hours or so,'' the head of the mission said today, describing the problem as ``a very serious anomaly on the vehicle.'' [More...]
Apparently, our Martian Overlords found it and have begun dismantling it. If only it could have danced to please them. Or jogged away.

No wonder they call Mars "The Death Planet".
Too bad Opportunity is being sent to the other side of the planet. How cool would it be if it could go fix Spirit?

Double yew!!!

The tumor, which initially appeared as a small lump when Bunghez was 22, was removed when it had reached 33 pounds (15 kilograms) but then reappeared and grew still bigger. [More...]
How big did it finally get? Try 175 pounds!! And that's not the biggest according to Guinness!!!!!

Jar Jar got the Shaft

Who's the cat who won't cop out
When there's danger all about?
Jar Jar!
You're darn right.
They say that cat Jar Jar is one bad mother-
Shut your mouth!
But I'm talking about Jar Jar.
Then we can dig it.

Don't get me wrong — I can't stand Jar Jar. But there are theories. Such as:
It dawned on me this morning [about that time :o( ] that the purpose for Jar-Jar, and in fact the Ewoks, too, is to show the acceptance of the myriad alien species in the Republic, and the roles they have to offer.

What I mean is, according to the EU, and not exactly denied by the films, the New Order subjugated all non-humans : Wookiees as slave labour, Jawas' lives regarded as worthless in the search for *droids*, the denizens of Mos Eisley pressing back out of the way of Imperial Stormtroopers, Ugnaughts pressed into carbon-freezing material not normally suited for this, Cloud City residents having to flee for their lives, Ewoks and their ecosystem being pushed aside in favour of Imperial hardware.

Jar-Jar's naivety and 'antics' illustrate on behalf of the Republic populace the pre-Imperial 'innocence' that existed, the golden days of the 'Old Republic' [no matter how corrupt and rotted it had in fact become], the safe and lazy days. Every member had a place, no matter how small their role, xenophobia being an 'alien' thing. Once Palpatine establishes his New Tyranny, all this will be swept aside.

And in fact even the Jedi will learn a hard lesson. OB1's dismissal of these 'pathetic lifeforms' has *always* puzzled me : it could be a slur on OB1's character, an arrogantly powerful Jedi who had already been from one side of this galaxy to the other ; or it could have been symptomatic of a general encroaching malaise.

I see it as showing several interesting things:
  1. Anakin, for being such a "good" kid has absolutely no problem with outright lies
  2. Qui Gonn does not chide him for lying, and shades the truth himself
  3. Obi Wan lies to Luke and then lies about lying
What is the message that the Creator (George Lucas) was trying to tell us? Does this change how we should worship him?

Nah, GL is not a very good writer and raising the kids — I especially blame Jett — has made him soft in the head.

Jar Jar was to occupy the mythical role of the Jester, first seen with Yoda. Jar Jar was guessed by many fans to have a pivotal role in the series, specifically in calling for the creation of the Republican/Imperial Army. There was some speculation about a "Darth Jar Jar", but I'm glad that was not proven out.

As for Anakin, GL cut the scene of him beating the tar out of little Greedo, and I think he was generally trying to show that someone without any power in the world could stand up for others. And that message, I like.
Or, dare I say, Meesa likes.


I'm in the middle of a discussion of the literary taboos (incest and cannabilsm) with a friend of mine, and I (stupidly) stated that there was a connection between cannabilism and meat taboos. Well, she's an archaeologist with serious anthropological leanings and notified me via email that I was relying on something other than fact.

What did I do? Googled the hell out of it, of course!

That's when I came across this:
Cannibalism is known to have been practised by the participants of the First Crusade. Some of the crusaders fed on the bodies of their dead opponents after the capture of the Arab town of Ma?arat. It was also practised by foraging parties on the later stages of the march on Jerusalem. In both cases, it seems possible that it may have been due to a combination of causes; in addition to hunger, there was also the feverish state of mind of the crusaders, and perhaps a desire to terrorise their opponents. Some Crusaders refused to eat the bodies of fellow Christians, but were not adverse to eating the bodies of defeated Muslims. [More...]

I thought that there were no references to cannabilism in medieval Europe.

By the way, why does a Google for "hard year" "eat the" "monty python" "holy grail" result in Discount Computer Accessory and Hardware Supplies for UK Delivery???

I'll try to be a little less disgusting for the rest of the week. Now, did someone bad talk my man Jar Jar?

Weekly Lileks Link

Jar Jar closes his eyes, because he does not want to see Sebulba punch him.

“Stop!” someone says.

It is Anakin Skywalker!

“Do not hurt Jar Jar,” says Anakin. “Jar Jar is a friend of the Hutts.”

The Hutts are bigger and meaner than Sebulba.

Now Sebulba is afraid.

WTF? What is this? It’s bad enough that Lucas invented Jar Jar in the first place; it’s bad enough that they made childrens’ books with him, but Anakin is DARTH FRICKIN’ VADER. To have him show up and dispatch the bully by suggesting that Jar Jar has mob connections is so totally farged I can’t even begin to untangle the moral idiocy of the story. Boil it down: young Damien from “The Omen” saves Rastus McWebfoot from a beating by claiming that the Corleones have his back. [More . . . ]

I think we had one of those books. I think it got lost in the move.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Parrot Post

Sure. Fine. Whatever.

Here's a nice picture of some parrots:

Whos's a pretty bird? Who's a pretty bird? That's right! You're a pretty bird!

This Week on Point/Counterpoint...

Things that I am ticked off about:
  • Actually, it looks like the Japanese perfected the suicide bomber. Plus they make robots that can dance. Dance! Would that not greatly please our Martian overlords?

  • I'm much more disturbed by Clark's constantly changing allegiances. Is he a Packer Backer or a Patriot fan? (More from Ann Couter below! Eh, I'll skip it for now.)

  • Not going to deny that "Western Christianised Europe" is worth defending (even if they haven't figured out how to properly salute our greatness)

  • When will someone point out that Bush has condemned Hubble? Yeah, science never was his strong suit. On the other hand, Wired magazine came out for the abandonment of the shuttle program after the loss of Columbia. I have to agree that we should shoot for the stars. But I read about JFK once. JFK is from the state I'm currently in. And the President, sir, is no JFK!

  • Uri. Uri. Uri. Even Liz and Liza won't come to his aid now. True, they cannot bend spoons (but then again, neither can you). Fortunately, with the Lawrence v. Texas being struck down and Ohio pushing the issue through their legislature, I'm sure that same-sex marriage, much as that special bond between a man and a boy will all be codified. Gamorrah, here we come! (Sorry, I refuse to check that last link. Follow it at your own risk.)

  • I'm a little disappointed that you failed to properly seize my attack on the "Healthy Marriages" initiative. You could have pointed out that Clinton had originally been a proponent and that it had gone into the 1998 welfare reform. You could have pointed out that it was a case of the government using money to help people in America, a typical liberal agenda (which I certainly do not share: see, I am not a liberal). Instead, you attack Tom. Why, Brian? Why?

  • I thought your Catholic Church had been on the offensive for some time now.

  • Should I start posting vintage Clinton-era transcripts of Sean Hannity? Please. When Clinton lied, no one died. Clinton's one military act that seemed designed to take some heat off of him was when the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke — and that was launching Tomahawks at Osama bin Laden. Did the Right let up? No. Did they elevate the level of debate? No. Why get ticked off about it now?

  • Don't get me wrong — I love roads, civil rights, and space exploration. I could do without misguided foreign wars, but a comparison between LBJ and GWB is certainly warranted. Can we afford it? Well, we could have three years ago.

  • I love democracy. I think it's great that a mandate-less president can manipulate tragedies to validate his intention to go to war against Iraq. It was all but an official part of his election platform. I'm glad he's gotten it out of his system. What's next?

Cynacism? Jesus, Brian, when did this stop being fun for you? I look forward to this stuff and have a ball, especially when I learn how wrong I can be. I don't take it personally — although I do despise Bush and Rove. We can totally skip politics if it's going to be too nasty. Let me know, respond to my responses, and we'll call it a day on poli-talk.

You forgot to link "Fear and Loathing".

That is so gay

As was just pointed out to me in an email (the sender shall remain anonymous):
The argument that marriage historically (i.e. biblically) refers to a man and a woman is bullshit. Also in the bible are polygamous marriages, marriages between cousins, etc, but you don't see fundamentalists clamoring for those.
To which, I almost have to say, au contraire! The Polygs out in Utah (Mormons do not want to be associated with them, and I am inclined to agree with them) want their right to marry as many underage wives as they can get their hands on due to the "Go Forth and Prosper" edict. Southern Baptists want to be able to marry their cousins (I'm usually against Southern jokes, but the Southern Baptists split off from the mainline Baptists because they wanted the church to better support their right to slavery, so they're fair game).

I would like to point out that Scalia warned us that this would happen.
[I]n Lawrence v. Texas, the Court invalidated a Texas law that barred same-sex sodomy, and Justice Scalia dissented. In that dissent, Scalia opined that the Court's ruling logically entailed state recognition of same-sex marriage.[...]In dissent, Justice Scalia complained that the majority's ruling called into question "State laws against bigamy, same-sex marriage, adult incest, prostitution, masturbation, adultery, fornication, bestiality, and obscenity."[More...]
Now the Prez is discussing Constitutional amendments to make sure that we don't end up skipping toward Gomorrah.

By the way, where is masturbation illegal?

Now that sex has been addressed, let's move on to drugs and rock and/or roll.

It would be great if only someone in a national forum could be brave enough to speak to the growing threat of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.
Perhaps a Republican governor could speak to that point. Let's see, are there any wildly popular Republican govenors who would be able to credibly speak about steroids. Hmmm. Let's see....

In the spirit of John Edwards, I will go positive

Showing me that one man, one plan, one canal — Panama! Err, sorry there. Where was I? Oh, yes, that one man and one plan can make a difference and change minds and hearts, I will go positive.

Except about Karl Rove. I still hate him.

So. Positive. Let's see.

Happy Chinese New Year!
Aw, screw this positive stuff. My next blog goes for blood! BLOOD!!

Monday, January 19, 2004

First Post This Week

Things that I am thankful for:

  • We live in a nation that perfected the martian rover, not the one that perfected the suicide bomber.
  • The race to the extreme Left to gain primary votes now has McGovern endorsing a former general who lead a unilateral war.
  • That John Rhys-Davies has held his ground: "Western Christianised Europe has values and experience that is worth defending."
  • Besides Mr. Rhys-Davies, most of the rest of Lefty Europe still hasn't figured out they've lost.
  • You can still depend on a psychic to defend Michael Jackson.
  • And you can still depend on Tom Tomorrow to blow something that some lower level supernumerary says completely out of proportion. Hey Tom - "they" say that the Atkins diet craze may cause some Americans to stop eating Taystee bread for a while - Is the American Farmer doomed or is Dr. Atkins working with Monsanto to destroy his way of life for Bush's re-election? See, hysteria is easy.
  • My Catholic Church has finally gone on the offensive. About damn time.
  • The level of debate from the America Left still hasn't risen above Bush Lied People Died Blood For Oil Haliburton Repuglicans Daddy's Boy Rove-mania Selected Not Elected . . . .
  • From 1965 - 1972 we bankrolled the Vietnam War, The Interstate Highway Construction Act, LBJ's Great Society and the Apollo missions. I think we can afford it again.
  • Iraqis march for free elections - and are not shot by the government!

I am certain that you can work up the cynicism to find counter quotes to all of my above. But then again, that's all that's left of the other side. Cynicism, fear, outrage. No ideas. No moon missions, no rovers (SEE! it has rove in it - like Karl Rove!). Just Fear and Loathing.
Am I being fair? It stopped being about fairness a long time ago.