Friday, March 05, 2004

Speaking of Prurient Interest

I'll bet.
Back to the 940s. I have got to get a better class of client.

He said WHAT?

Out here in the red part of the map, what with all those jets overheard flitting between NYC and LA, we don't get alot of what the blue staters call "culture."

So this whole Howard Stern thing has been a mystery to me. Actually, it was a mystery to me when I lived in the blue part of the map, because I didn't 'get' his show. He was annoying and his callers were rude. If I wanted to listen to Western Civ slowly sliding downhill I could just as easily listen to rap music.
"Clear Channel drew a line in the sand today with regard to protecting our listeners from indecent content and Howard Stern's show blew right through it," said John Hogan, president and CEO of Clear Channel Radio. "It was vulgar, offensive, and insulting, not just to women and African Americans but to anyone with a sense of common decency. We will not air Howard Stern on Clear Channel stations until we are assured that his show will conform to acceptable standards of responsible broadcasting," Hogan said. [More . . . ]

Okay. seems like he must have said something awful, perhaps it was beyond the pale. Let's read what Howard has to say about this:
"My days here are numbered because I dared to speak out against the Bush administration and say that the religious agenda of George W. Bush concerning stem cell research and gay marriage is wrong," Stern continued. "And that what he is doing with the FCC is pushing this religious agenda. And also the fact that the guy takes more vacation than any President ever. It's time for him to leave. Having said that pushed me off the air in six markets." [More . . . ]

Okay, he attacked the president on air and his views are being suppressed. Fair enough - he should be able to file a s.1983 Civil Rights action in his local Federal Courthouse and get some damages. Perhaps his lost income from those six markets.
Stern was interviewing the guy on the Paris Hilton sex tape. Stern asked him about anal sex and talked about the size of his penis. Then a caller asked him, "what does it smell like when you fuck a nigger? Watermelon?" This all stayed on the air, even though he's on a minute+ delay and there'd been plenty of time to take it off. [More . . . ]

Umm, I don't think that the president was mentioned. Or politics. Or even anything legal. In fact, I'm pretty sure (speaking purely as a lawyer who knows his way around the 1st Amendment) that those statements appeal only to the prurient interest and are offensive to community wide-standards of decency.

But then again, that is the only place online that will even mention what was said that was "vulgar, offensive, and insulting, not just to women and African Americans but to anyone with a sense of common decency," so I suppose that it's suspect. Anyone else heard this?

No Howard, you didn't say anything, but you didn't do anything either. We have a theory in the law called tacit compliance. Simply put, if you don't speak up, then you must agree with it. This rule of evidence holds true for contracts, criminal acts, torts and anything else that might be litigated.
Someone please stop confusing Freedom of Speech with Freedom of Offense

Just the facts, Ma'am

Exit polls of primary-voting Democrats showed that support for gay marriage is only at 30% (roughly), with another 30% for civil unions, except in Georgia, where a solid 50% was completely against any recognition.

To claim that half of America wants gay marriage is a factual error. At least 60% of the left-leaning commies don't want gays to marry.

Don't get me started on the stupidity of denying gay people the one thing that would settle them down, stick them with mortgages, marriage counseling, and orthodontics for their kids.
I was reading an article showing Sens. Leahy and Hatch. Dante asked if they were married. As in, to each other. I think I might have hurt my diaphragm from laughing so hard.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

America's Fastest Growing Quiz Sensation

Try this if you thought you were a movie afficianado.

I'm stuck at 50%. I'll give you a hint, though. The W is on its side.
Going back to the wonderful world of 940.225(3) Stats. now.

Factual Error?

Other than a reference to some old folk tale, where was the attempt at a fact? In my opinion that's what makes this letter great. FWIW, I think the whole damn show was full of boobs, including halftime.

I'm still stuck using Outlook, Project and W2K. I still keep a dictionary by my desk, if I don't trust Redmond to be my browser of choice why should I trust them with my spell checker.

I'm with Brian I'm not much of an elf, goblin, or ork fan. And don't even get me started on those stupid Centaurs. I was always the Human Chaotic Evil Magician. Proud to say my characters never advanced much beyond 4th or 5th level. They always wound up getting killed for being true to their nature.
That being said I should really read LOTR

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

The Sad, Sad Truth

Someone discovered my professional philosophy.
Don't I wish.

I appreciate the opportunity to break out my Nihongo

But what the heck is Casshern?
The katakana really isn't telling me much.

Call me Ms. Jenkins if you're nasty

Terry, I know you've been out of the Microsoft world for a while, so let me help you out. Ms. Jenkins received a bcc (Blind Carbon Copy -- funny how "carbon" can enter the silicon world, isn't it) or is Mikey "I'm not a beneficiary of blatant nepotism and neither are the McClellan brothers" Powell's secretary. She printed out a copy and blacked out the name of the sender.

Was it from Rove? Cheney? There are 8 verbal errors and one factual error, so it could easily be Bush.

A gentle reminder to our readers: F7 in most MS applications will perform a spellcheck.
You know, I, also, don't consider myself a "finatic". In fact, I am such a non-"finatic" that I'm not entirely certain of whether the Bible should be cased as such or what the heck the proper spelling of Gomorrah is (thanks for the help, Google).

Technology Woes

I just got a link to a new penguin game! The Boss key has come in handy a number of times already.

But I also got this email from "The Team" ( :
Subject: Notify about your e-mail account utilization.
Hello user of e-mail server,

Your e-mail account will be disabled because of improper using in next
three days, if you are still wishing to use it, please, resign your
account information.

Advanced details can be found in attached file.

Attached file protected with the password for security reasons. Password is 82737.

The team (Binary attachment)

That's funny. I thought *I* was the team. Go fig.
Pretty clever, though. Let me just run the executable in the zip file and see what it does...

It's not due to a lack of interest

I enjoy the movies, I like the characters, but I find it near impossible to get involved with the books. I'm probably the only guy I know who's slogged through all three books of Robinson's Mar's Trilogy (twice!) - and it's cast of hundreds, and it's span of three centuries - including two constitutional conventions, several wars and the search for a decent cup of kavajava on the slopes of Chryse.

But dwarves just don't do it for me on the grand scale. Hell, I've even read all five of Herbert's Dune. But elves and magic and dwarves and orcs and bouncing eyeballs just don't maintain my interest past a few hours.

I'm not a big fan of roasted turkey, either. Doesn't mean I can't enjoy the rest of Thanksgiving dinner.

On the other note, I've noticed that I have a self concealed office that could be upgraded to Linux with no major training hassles. I have only the two computers, I may be running a server soon and my business is, well, text based. If the NVidia 128 dual port graphics card doesn't support Linux, BFD. All I need to do is to run a few printers, a wireless network and laptop that will sync to my PDA.

But that would require spending Sundays in the office. And Sundays are my day off. And I've had no major problems with the Win98SE and Win95SP4 machines I currently have. They're kludgy at times, but they do what I need them to do. I'm more concerned right now with my lack of books then I am with a lack of hardware. How's that for a 21st conundrum?

I want to know more about this instead.
If I have to change another title to H3, I'm going to start editing text while I'm in there!

Speaking of Manifestos

I could weigh in on the whole LOTR Linux thing but instead I think we should switch gears to Ms. Sharon Jenkins who sent a letter to Colin Powell regarding the Janet Jackson tomfoolery. She starts the letter with I don't consider myself to be a fanatic, but . . ." and ends up with a Cats and Dogs living in sin rant.

Personally I prefer free as in freedom


You haven't read LOTR? I'm stuck in Return of the King. I love the part where Aragorn wanders through the swamp yelling, "Bring out your dead!"

Perhaps I'm mixing a few things.

Ah, Linux. PenguinHeads always talk about how much Windoze crashes and how you have to put all kinds of software on it to keep it running. yet, I've heard of an ungodly number of patches that you have to apply to Linux to keep it running and it still doesn't seem to have half of the use or support that the evil Gates technopoly has to put up with (more weird systems leads to more crashes, natch). In my opinion, an OS should be distributable on a single media instance (disk, CD, DVD) and take up less than 10% of the prevailing storage space (40G these days?). And it should be powerful enough that I can use it for everything I want to do but simple enough that I can walk my dad through how to erase his browser history (a common request).

That's my manifesto.

Would your fantasy manifesto be something along the lines of "Have a single, definable story in each volume, have fewer than 200 named characters, and all names must be distinguishable from one another"? For a while, I was mixing up the Liv Tyler's elf chick with the Rohan chick.
Great. The word "manifesto" appears twice in this blog entry. I expect the FBI to call any minute.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004


No, I haven't read them since I was thirteen - I remember me and my friends discovering them in the school's library and devouring the series in the course of a few days. I may have to go back and reread them again, it would seem.

I honestly have tried to read LOTR. Each time I get a little further in before I give up out of boredom. This is my geek failing. That and the Linux box. The Hobbit was cool, though.
I just printed out another 100 envelopes for the Bennett Law Offices. I like the desktop publishing revolution.

Are you being facetious??

You know, sometimes I can't tell if people are being facetious or not.

Yeah, Narnia is super religious. Here are the Googles:

narnia religious20,100
narnia christ25,100
narnia subtext480
So, apparently it's not even very subtle.
I'm going to reference "spa" here for my own personal reasons — I'll not say what it's about, but it will definitely give me insight into who reads the blog and how often.


There were religious themes in The Chronicles of Narnia?

I think it was almost exactly twenty years ago that I read those books. And I think I read them in a span of about a week.
Why did my computer automatically start playing the soundtrack to Gettysburg when I fired up Winamp? Weird.

Next Logical Step

I can't wait.

Monday, March 01, 2004

I'm Gone for a Week

And this blog just falls apart! Hey, guys — how are you doing? Although I just spent the last week ranging over much of Florida, I missed out on my chance to visit the Cape (does Corbin Bernsen still live there?), but still had a lot of fun and got to see my family. Very nice time.

But now I have to sum up and reply to an entire week's worth of biting attacks on liberalism, the only force that can save what's left of America. Fortunately, I'm up to the task.
Five Seconds over H'wood Good thing I learned what "felch" meant this trip. That and "Dirty Sanchez". No wonder no one wanted to sit next to me and my family when we went out for hibachi.
Like Duh! Terry, aren't you a computer scientist? As for Red/Blue/Green Mars, I can't wait. Oh, one last point: I believe that it would be in my best interests to run with the bulls in Spain. Despite my current level of debt, I will simply continue with my deficit spending in order to pursue a dream that helps me feel like a real man. Thank you, George Bush, for showing me the way.
If you're lucky they will do it in that order I totally do not get that post. At first, I thought it was a reference to the Langoliers, but then saw that it was for Firefly. But now I just don't get how the picture plays in. Help!
I'm just saying is all . . . Are the Jews refered to as God's Chosen People? That's always made me "a little squeamish". I mean, after all, how do you argue against that?
Down Under Election Analysis Great LBJ quote. The rest of the assement is accurate, but I don't understand the point. Oh, wait, they're saying that it's "according to the Democrats" as opposed to "the Truth". Which it is.
I told you so Ah, Chuck is a funny guy. I like him, but he is rather self promoting.
Pointless Objectification of Ugly Women Uh, what's your problem with the objects? Too skinny? Too pouty? Pam Anderson is also a PETA rep and has done the lettuce leaf thing. I think they're just trying to sell the movement, to which end, I endorse their efforts. However, at the moment, I think CNN has been providing enough information to encourage the vegetarian movement.
Youse guys too, eh I'm 81% Dixie! Woo-hoo!!
D'oh! Is The Passion a sweeps movie?
Television Shows "Wait a minute. Something was said." — Homer Simpson
Man, I need to move back to Florida, where the sky was blue and the air was clear. Garbage was placed in appropriate recepticles. No rats. Delightful accents and shapes pleasing to the eye.

Five Seconds over H'wood

From WaPo's Tom Shales:
The much-discussed "five-second delay" applied to the live telecast to avoid any obscenities or near-obscenities from going out over the network seemed to kick in only once, during lighthearted remarks by actor Owen Wilson to co-presenter Ben Stiller.

Lighthearted? We're now censoring lightheartedness? My God, are there no limits to what this country will do to suppress freedom of speech?
That someone was sitting with a finger poised on a sanitizing switch suggests in itself that we are to have a new wave of heavy-duty censorship in America and all caused by the exposure of one breast -- Janet Jackson's on the halftime show of this year's Super Bowl. That single unveiling seems to be fostering a climate of suppression and fear the likes of which no hard-core porno film was ever able to engender.

Tom artfully alludes to the forgotten halftime showing of Anal Felch Queens XXIV during the 1996 halftime show, to no fanfare whatsoever. We can only hope that the Mel Gibson Produced 2005 Superbowl half-time show will have Michael Moore being nailed to the cross. Speaking of whom . . .
He was applauded -- not jeered or shouted down as was the case last year with fellow documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, who displeased much of the crowd with a tirade against Bush and his pursuit of the war. If things like five-second delays are going to be used to edit politically incorrect or unpopular remarks out of live telecasts, we are in even more trouble than it seems, but that didn't happen last night.

Oh. My. God. They've seized the radio stations along the frontier. Shock troops are fanning out across the plains. It's only a matter of time before dive bombers begin to distribute the latest Schwarzeneggar flick. "We tried to run, but they were too fast - I looked back but all I could see were remaindered copies of The Sixth Day and Collateral Damage all over the place!"

Oh, you mean it didn't happen last night. Damn. So much for that syllogism.
Technical problems, perhaps complicated by the five-second delay, plagued the program.

That's right Tom. It was just the five second delay. Keep telling them that. You and I know it was really Ashcroft's boys working over Billy Crystal backstage.

The circle is now complete . . . somebody toss another copy of Annie Hall on the fire . . . .

Bwahahahahah! Bwahahahahah! Bwahahahahah!
I'm really surprised that a Fantasy/SciFi pic took all those awards. I imagine that Tom Shales is also surprised.

Like Duh!

I'm not a scientist, which means I'm not constrained by the scientific method. So, today, consider me the Matt Drudge of scientists. NASA thinks we may have the water mystery solved on Mars You've heard it here first and many of you have already heard me say this:

  • Mars had Water
  • Mars has Liquid Water
  • Mars has Life

This Mars water thing is going to be a growth industry for Environmentalists. Brian you should take up Intrasolar Environmental Law