Friday, March 26, 2004

Going with the Flow:

The 9/11 Hearings summarized:

The godzilla joke is everywhere, grasshopper

There is a Godzilla joke in here somewhere.

What was wrong with my href? And as a web app developer I reserve the right to write programs that generate ton's of mangled HTML and blame it on the browser.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

The Other Clarke

I have nothing snarky to say about the other Clarke and his book. He seems to be doing a better job self-destructing then one of those Islamazoid Killbots.

Did Karl Rove pay him to write that book?
Is he getting extra money for testifying?
Why didn't Sandy Berger warn me about terrorism when he stood at the pissoir next to me at Hogan & Hartson?
Pizza to the guys on the line was a real classy move - I wouldn't have thought of something like that. Please tell the wannabe killbot in Wausau what you did!

Best. Review. Ever.

This is a great movie to take a chick to ‘cuz it’s super-violent but you can sit there like, hey, this doesn’t effect me, and she’ll think you’re a total bad-ass. Then here comes the blowjob. Thank you, Jesus.

For more of this review of "The Passion of Christ", click here.
Is there any limit on the number of H6's we can use?


!!!! Now with more Pizza

Pizza for IDF

I put the money returned to me by NTC for the Arab and Islamic Culture Seminar to good use today:
Pizza & Soda for a section
2 pizza pies & 2 bottles of soda (10 soldiers)
Pizza always makes me feel better

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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Love dead Terrorists

Request For Comment

As an Internet developer for the last, oh, decade, I've had a lot of chances to look through RFCs, the blueprints for the Internet. I love looking at the specs for VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol), video-casting, etc. However, I had never heard of Electricity over IP:
The Discrete Voltage Encoding (DVE) scheme has been specified in ITU standard G.110/230V [2] to digitize electrical voltages. In essence, an Electricity Source (ES) such as a generator is connected to a DV encoder that encodes the voltage and current, and produces a bit stream. This bit stream can be carried in IP packets to various destinations (referred to as LERs - Low-voltage Electricity Receptors) on-demand. At the destination, a DV decoder produces the right voltage and current based on the received bit stream. It is to be determined whether the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) can be used for achieving synchronization and end-to-end control. We leave draft writing opportunities in the RTP area to our friends and colleagues.[Full Specification
I find this line of work fascinating and think that it's about time. No more blackouts. We're not some third world country. We have the technology — let's use it!

Also in the document:

2. Pre-requisite for reading this document

While reading this document, at various points the readers may have
the urge to ask questions like, "does this make sense?", "is this
feasible?," and "is the author sane?". The readers must have the
ability to suppress such questions and read on. Other than this, no
specific technical background is required to read this document. In
certain cases (present document included), it may be REQUIRED that
readers have no specific technical background.
Consider this a warm up for April 1st. There's no iLoo waiting in the wings this time.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

More Shuttle Problems

For the past 20 years, at least one of NASA's space shuttles has been flying with a critical and undetected problem with its landing system, the top program manager said Monday. [More]
My favorite part of the SlashDot article is the quote from John Carmack: "Aerospace is plumbing with the volume turned up."

Murphy's Law (or is it Finagle's Law of Dynamic Negatives?) is still in effect.
Yeah, I know I stole all of this from the SlashDot article and its various links. What? Do you want me to do original reporting or something?

Not talking during movies?

Remind me not to attend movies with any Brazilians in the audience:
Mrs Soares noticed that something was wrong when her husband did not reply when she spoke to him during the film.[Source]
Wait, shouldn't he have ascended bodily into heaven?
Perhaps if I watched someone tortured for a few hours, my heart might give out as well.


OK, like so many other Americans, I love my country but fear my government. I thought this ideal was enshrined in the Constitution.

Looking though some of the signs, I confirmed that I also fear some of my fellow countrymen.

The only difference between these idiots and, say, others is that these cannot utter things like "there aren't any good targets in Afghanistan [...] And there are lots of good targets in Iraq".

I hate people like this because it takes the attention off the self-righteous morons on the ... right. Say, do you suppose that's where that term came from?
What's the matter with the Gay Road Trip pic?

Monday, March 22, 2004

Peace tards on the march

They aren't pro-peace, they are on the other side.

You score extra points if you can explain the fat kid in the coolie hat who spells "Bush" with a swastika.
They wouldn't have had to cancel the class if all you fascists hadn't signed up for it!! - It's your fault!!


The Arabic/Islamic Studies Seminar was cancelled. Due to the objections of the Palestinian American in the class. Her husband called to have the class cancelled on the 16th. On the 17th she signed up for the class. Keep in mind that the 17th was the first day of the class.