Saturday, April 24, 2004

Note to Blue - you're getting bluer

From the Greatest Newspaper in the Civilised World, The Washington Post:
At the same time, more and more Americans in a highly mobile society are choosing to live among like-minded people. University of Maryland political demographer James Gimpel has documented the rise of a "patchwork nation," in which political like attracts like, and ideologically diverse communities are giving way to same-thinking islands. A recent analysis sponsored by the Austin American-Statesman, comparing the photo-finish elections of 1976 and 2000, made this clear. While the nationwide results were extremely close, nearly twice as many voters now live in counties where one candidate or the other won by a landslide. Person by person, family by family, America is engaging in voluntary political segregation.

I plead guilty to this. I love being in the red part of the map again.
For voters in the middle, this election may aggravate their feeling that politics no longer speaks to them, that it has become a dialogue of the deaf, a rant of uncompromising extremes.

Guilty as charged. Philosophically, I no longer see the point in compromise. Everytime my side gave an inch, the other took a yard.

The only part of this analysis that I disagree with (at this time, 1/3rd of the way through the series) is that there was a Peace dividend to politics. I see the break from the 1989 collapse of the USSR to the start of 1991 Gulf War as historically insignificant. I've always felt that our war with Radical Islam began on Thanksgiving, 1979 when the Tehran Embassy was taken over. If in 1960 both Republicans and Democrats agreed on the need to contain the Soviet Union, I don't believe that belief was there for the left in 1968.
Not slow in the N'woods, just a few days of intense news and politics that cannot be ignored.

Passing Along:

US Army Ranger Pat Tillman, killed by enemy fire in Afghanistan

There has been a suggestion floating around the blogosphere that the Arizona Cardinals new stadium, presently underconstruction, should be called Pat Tillman Stadium.

Folks interested in this should send a letter to Team President William V. Bidwill at:
Arizona Cardinals
P.O. Box 888
Phoenix, AZ 85001-00888

I'm sending mine in today. A feller who gives up his life and three and a half million dollars ought to be recognized for longer then the statutory 15 minutes.
No snark.

Friday, April 23, 2004


(this post is sarcasm free)

Again, the Bush Administration is noted for what I believe gives them the moral high ground and could provide testimony to their leadership.
The United States had pushed for a much harder hitting resolution criticising Sudanese government abuses.[More]
How can the world sit by, at the tenth anniversary of the Rwanda genocide, and ignore this? If nothing else, the efforts of Bush, Powell, and Rice to save lives in Sudan should be their legacy. If they can bring peace, they deserve the Nobel.

(back to my regularly scheduled jaundiced eye)
Note none of the qualificiations that you had for the high cleric. I need to find quotes from moderate Muslims.


During the Crusades, "Love Thy Neighbor" was reinterpreted by Church and State officials to only apply to Christians.

Don't you watch the History Channel?

By your people, I meant the blast-loving Irish. You knew that, right? I was switching to the ad hominem race-baiting.

Fortunately, my German heritage has never done anything that would make me cede the moral high ground.
I don't think the Crusades were about the Christianization of Araby. I reached that conclusion due to the incidence of cannabilsm, on which I've previously posted.

Is it is a slow day in the North Woods?


"Upset that your people no longer have a corner on the car-bomb industry?"

I don't get it. My people are sitting in jails all over Northern Wisconsin awaiting trials or sentencing. There's a level of abstraction at work here that I am unfamiliar with.

Are you suggesting that I have supported the actions of terrorists who indiscriminately kill innocent civilians in the past?

Edify, dude. Edify.
That's right, we're all Crusaders who want to Christianize Araby - post hoc, propter hoc . . . zzzzzzzzzzzz

Thou Shall Not Reinterpret My Words for Thy Personal Gain

"Thou" has long been reinterpreted to mean only Christians, Cf. The Crusades.

Don't get me wrong: I'm tired of people flying planes into buildings, mutilating corpses, or blowing themselves up around kids. I think in order to get them to stop regarding us as sub-human dogs, we have to do the same. Give the Palestinians rights to, say, water on their own land, like we do in the US. Decry Israeli assassinations in the same breath as denouncing Palestinian terrorists. Instead, we favor one child over another.

I won't get into any conspiracy theories about why.

I'll save my theorizing for why Ashcroft stopped taking commercial flights in the summer of '01 after reading an FBI report.

Gwib is the pronounciation, like Dubya. "Gwib" rings truer to my ear.

My ass

Yesterday, The Times reported that Silicio had been fired from her job as a result of her actions.

Her husband, David Landry, who was a co-worker, also was fired by Maytag Aircraft, a contractor operating out of Kuwait International Airport. Maytag President William Silva said the couple had violated company and Defense Department policies, and that the military had identified "very specific concerns."

And here I thought we were fighting against a people who hated freedom. Turns out, we met the enemy, and they are us.
What's the matter, Brian? Upset that your people no longer have a corner on the car-bomb industry?

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Stop the f*cking presses.

Palestinians Blame Plight on U.S., Israel

By SCHEHEREZADE FARAMARZI, Associated Press Writer

AMMAN, Jordan - Mohammed Domeh was relaxing on his living room sofa, watching the TV news when he heard the fateful words: President Bush was flatly ruling out the return of Palestinians such as himself to what is now Israel.

"When I heard what Bush had to say — and
I am saying this as a Palestinian intellectual — I wished I could wear an explosive belt around my waist and blow myself up in front of Bush," said Domeh, 44.

Such anti-American rage, from an otherwise mild-spoken, middle-class Palestinian writer, is being echoed around the Arab world at a volume some say is unprecedented.
[Ka-BOOM . . . ]

And completely undermines their otherwise untainted reputation for intellectually stimulating and nonconfrontational style of political debate. Mind you, he's only saying this as an intellectual.

Remember kids, it's a murder of crows, a pod of whales, a herd of cattle and a burst of Palestinians.
What's that? You say Herod was king of Judea? And that was when? And who lived there again? Stop this, it's making no sense to me whatsoever. Where are those Explod-o-Belt pants I saw in the Sunday Supplemental?

Equal Time Theatre

In the name of fairness - and isn't it always about fairness in the end? - I present to you a leading Islamic Cleric who condemns the glorification of violent death:
Saudi Cleric Denounces Suicide Bombing

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia's top cleric on Thursday condemned a suicide bombing that gutted a national police building in the capital as "one of the greatest sins."

Five people, including two senior police officers and an 11-year-old girl, were killed in addition to the bomber, and 148 were injured in the attack Wednesday on the seven-story General Security building, the Interior Ministry said.

So there you go. I have been proven wrong - they don't all believe in the abject glorificaiton of a violent death - this isn't some whacko death cult after all.

But (and you knew there was a but) I always try to tell my clients when to shut the hell up:
"God revealed the criminality of this wayward group, which harms Islam and the nation," al-Sheik said. "Instead, it aims at destabilizing security, terrorizing the people and killing Muslims."

"Whoever kills an (Islamic) believer on purpose will be punished by being burned in hell, punished by God's anger and will be cursed and suffer great pain," he said.

Damn! He was so close to convincing us of his humanity. Let's review: The leading Islamic cleric of Saudi Arabia believes that if you murder fellow muslims, you go to hell - thus begging the question: What if you kill a Christian, Hindu, Atheist or Cubs Fan?

Apparently, you're in the clear. Have fun. Go nuts! Kalishnikov?

Cf. The Ten Commandments - "Thou Shall Not Kill." No modifiers.
"GWIB" is the acronym for Georgia Women In Business - you want to clear this up for all of us dims in flyover country?

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Game Shows

Some NPR program has a story about a new Arab game show that includes questions about French history and suicide bombers. I need to find the link.

Between that and the pictures of infants dressed up like suicide bombers or with guns, etc., I hate finding myself defending them. I don't like the culture, and would like to change it. How do we do that? Stay the freaking course? I don't think so.

When postal employees start going, er, postal, how do we respond? Rounding up mail carriers? Treating all of them with suspicion?

We make institutional changes that try to address the root of the problem. Instead of regime change, let's have a revolution of thought on how we approach the problem.

Thanks for naming Gein, Terry. Can't believe I forgot the name of a serial killer.

A minor comment on Slashdot mentioned the First and Second Amendments as being checks & balences. Sometimes I wish I could hold a seance and ask the Founders about that.

Kerry has the yacht. The Onion reported on it not too long ago. The pickup trucks and ranch make Gwib likeable?

Death Cult

I'll admit that in my church of choice, the service culminates with a psuedo-cannibalistic ritual meal of bread and wine.

And I admit that my neck of the woods produces an unusual share of cannibal freakzoids.

And yes, my country has released weapons of mass destruction on more then one occasion.

But with Islam, we have seen once again where a group of whackjobs have debased themselves even further by desecrating the dead in a particularly gruesome manner, with nary a word of protest from "mainstream" members of their faith. Coupled with a penchant for human shields, suicide bombers and the odd diverted jetliner, we seem to have here an entire movement based upon the objectivation and glorification of violent death.

Say what you will about the Israelis - their soldiers are all over the age of 18 and the tend to leave the dead bodies where the families can pick them up later - even if the familes have to use a stick and a spoon.
Actually, drawing rough paralells between whackjob death cultists in Spain and whackjob death cultists the world over is an example of "post hoc, propter hoc"

Don't malign Ed Gein

Poor old Ed he just lost his head
when he wanted to diddle
He cut off a little
and left the rest out in the shed.

I tend to answer the door with my BFD (Big Freaking Dog) cause out where I live no one ever knocks on my door. The best one so far was the Dude at 11:00 pm who knocked on my door and said. "Hello, how's it going" I was literally waiting for sudden chainsaw effect or something. Turns out he put is truck in the ditch. Perhaps he should have said "Hello, I just put my truck in the ditch can you help?"

Oh and don't tell my BFD that he's a BFD cause 'bout the only think he'll do is lick you to death. He did, However, get the 11:00pm Dude's attention.

As I've already mentioned I am having a hard time not judging an entire group of Islamists based on one or two induhviduals.

Clinton had Buddy the Dog, W has pickup trucks and the ranch. Name one thing likable about John Kerry.


I've only heard about burning bodies as "an Islamic rite of revenge" in the case of Fallujah. Am I out of it?

Since the Midwest produced Dalmer, Gacy, and that other guy from Plainfield who answered the door wearing a vest made of human skin, can I presume that homosexual cannabilism is a Midwestern way of life? That people from the Midwest are animals?

Yeah, I'm talking to you, Terry — defend yourself!

Just kidding, but taking the despicable acts of a small subset of a large group of people and applying them to make a judgment call about the larger group has been shown to be extremely dangerous. Is that your use of Straw Men? I'm still new to this stuff.

Sure, Kerry can promise that he will end sinus infections, but it will be just as true and actionable as Gwib stating that he was "a uniter". Well, to his credit, Gwib united the Democratic Party. By the way, the image you use says something about "fungi". What's going on up there?

The Utter Melancholy of the Bleak Future

I just read some disturbing news in a SlashDot article:
Episode III will be a musical

There will be a stirring piano solo accompanying a soundless lightsaber battle between Anakin and Obi-Wan, followed by a spectacular soaring performance of the theme from Star Wars with the entire cast of the film singing the new never-before-heard lyrics as a galactic chorale.

Darth Vader will then sing a solo baritone as the credits roll.
I thought Bill Murray already disclosed the lyrics to the Star Wars theme?
Staaar Wars! Oh, those crazy, Star Wars!

Spin This

Officer's body burnt in 'Islamic revenge'

The body of a police special forces officer who died when Islamic terrorists blew themselves up in Madrid was taken from its grave, mutilated and burnt yesterday.

The coffin and body of special agent Francisco Javier Torronteras were pulled from the tomb in Madrid Sur cemetery in Carabanchel and pushed 1,000 yards in a wheelbarrow before being doused with petrol and set alight.

The body was found with a pick driven into its head and a spade dug into its chest.
[More . . . ]

Wasn't somebody just telling me that these horrific actions can be explained away by looking at the group dynamics of a lynch mob?

They are animals.
And this is what they do *after* you agree to their demands.

Cavity Search

If John Kerry could promise an end to sinus infections in his first 100 days, I'd vote for the sonofabitch.

If Bush announced that the CIA had definitely confirmed the existence of Iraqi WMD's in my skull with the help of George Tenet's Lil' Orphan Annie decoder ring, I'd let them send in the entire 3rd ID to clear them out.

If only I could eat solid food again, I'd be a happy man.
Gotta go to court, I'll be careful not to toss the moxicillin/yogurt breakfast I had all over the bailiff.