Saturday, June 05, 2004

I think everyone's Jayne

I got Jayne (70%).


Who's Jayne?
Welcome back, Michelle.

Reagan Passes

Former US President Ronald Reagan has died, aged 93, after a long struggle with Alzheimer's disease.[More]

I'd heard on the radio that the end was near for him, but then Patricia said that the New York Times said that the news of his immeninent death was exaggerated.

When I came home this evening, though, I was running down the battery on my cell phone by having it act as a radio (I feel for it much as Brian does for his Dell) and Cokie Roberts was talking about Reagan. The lights finally went on for me and I hit the web.

I remember the 1980 election. I was attending a Catholic school and we polled the kids. My vote was for Carter, and I believe I was alone. When everyone asked why, I said that we should support him because he was the President.

How times change.

I don't know if we'll ever know the real truth behind the Iranian hostage release, the Iranian negotiations for the release of the Lebanese hostages, or the Iran-Contra affair, but at this passing of a former President, I feel that we should remember what Reagan stood for: smaller government, peace through strength, and the end of global tensions. We've all benefitted from his stewardship.
I tried to not be snarky. Most of the paragraphs weren't snarky. I just couldn't contain myself at the end.

And out of nowhere, a female voice speaks....

So Brian and I both took the Firefly Personality Test. We both came up as "Jayne".

The worst part about it, though, is that I scored 76% and Brian only scored 73%! (And I was soooo hoping to turn out to be "Zoe"....sigh....oh well....)

Something a little lighter

Mankind has invested more than four million years of evolution in the attempt to avoid physical exertion. Now a group of backward-thinking atavists mounted on foot-powered pairs of Hula-Hoops would have us pumping our legs, gritting our teeth, and searing our lungs as though we were being chased across the Pleistocene savanna by saber-toothed tigers. Think of the hopes, the dreams, the effort, the brilliance, the pure force of will that, over the eons, has gone into the creation of the Cadillac Coupe de Ville. Bicycle riders would have us throw all this on the ash heap of history. P.J. O'Rourke

What are you looking for?

Finally some good news

The end is near for Reagan.
'Nuff Said


Free Enterprise 2: My Big Geek Wedding

And starring William Shatner as Bill.
"After what your people did to mine in World War Two, I think it's the least you can do."

Friday, June 04, 2004

Stone casting

Let's keep an eye on this guy, shall we.

KENNEDALE, Texas -- About six months ago, pastor Jim Norwood, of the Oakcrest Family Church in Kennedale, started a campaign to curtail business local sex shops. Late last month, he won the city's mayoral post in a landslide vote. .more . .
Can you believe that people still call into talk radio and claim that OJ didn't do it.

Our Unbiased Media, Part XLIV

Remember, he is stupid. Stupid. Stupid. He is now just like Dan Quayle. Stupid.
14-Year-Old Indiana Boy Wins Spelling Bee
WASHINGTON - A 14-year-old Indiana boy mastered "autochthonous" to win the National Spelling Bee Thursday, outdueling 264 rivals, including one who fainted on stage but recovered to take second place.

David Tidmarsh covered his face with his hands, overwhelmed, after getting the winning word, which means indigenous. Moments earlier, he had hid behind his placard, then lowered it to show tears in his eyes, after nailing "gaminerie" — defined as an impudent or wisecracking spirit — to make the 15th and final round.

[ . . . ]

David, surrounded by the media after his win,
was asked whether he was a better speller than President Bush. He smiled and said, "I think so."

Remember, the President is stupid. Stupid. Dumb. Moronic. And he looks like a chimp who can't control his umbrella! Giggle! Tee Hee!
There will be no journalists invited into my secret udergroung egg shaped lair. They'd just get the facts wrong anyways.


You seriously want me to believe that he was so distraught over loosing Hillary that he killed himself. Everyone knows that Hillary had him whacked because Foster couldn't be discrete about their trysts.
And lets not forget what they did to Ron Brown

My Helicopters are blacker then yours.

This is also just a little too convenient to be released just before the election. It almost makes you wonder when they're going to show us that Osama has been "captured."

Jobs Growth Unexpectedly Strong in May
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. employers added an unexpectedly large 248,000 jobs in May, according to a government report on Friday that confirmed a strengthening economy likely to soon bring higher interest rates.

The May tally exceeded Wall Street expectations for 216,000 new jobs and followed an upwardly revised total of 346,000 jobs in April and 353,000 in March. The 947,000 jobs created in the March-May period made it the strongest for any three months in four years.

[. . . ]

The unemployment rate remained at 5.6 percent in May, unchanged from April.

Virtually every major sector of the economy added jobs in May, from retailing to construction industries. Particularly notable were 32,000 new hires in manufacturing -- a fourth straight monthly increase and the biggest for any month since August 1998 when 143,000 manufacturing jobs were created, the department said.
[More . . . ]

You know that almost all those jobs went to litle brown people in shitty countries. Ralph Nader predicted this one years ago.
I love writing in the voice of the Angry Left. So effortless. Hey look! George Tenet is going to visit with Howard Dean! HA!

And then my Dad connected the dots...

Ahmed Chalabi gave secrets to Iran.

George Tenet resigned.

Did George fall on his sword because he discovered that the Iranians, using Ahmed, completely duped America into ridding them of an annoying neighbor to the South that they could then turn into a theocracy?

Did George find out that the Iranians pulled a fast one on us?

Since we know that many of the major figures from the Iran-Contra affair found their way back to the new Bush administration, one really has to wonder how long this has been going on?

How hard are they laughing at us in Tehran?
Before you cry foul, think about your take on Vince Foster's suicide.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Moore är en skitstövel*

Funny, nobody thought to ask Ray Bradbury about this until now:

From a Swedish Magazine interview on the Fahrenheit 9/11 movie:

Do you think that is possible, I mean the movie is very famous under that title now?
Who cares? Nobody will see his movie, it is almost dead already. Nevermind, nobody cares.

But it won the Palme d'Or in Cannes?
So what? I have won prizes in different places and they are mostly meaningless. The people there hate us, which is why they gave him the d'Or. It's a meaningless prize.

I hope his last sentence doesn't get back to the Hugo people.

* "Moore is an asshole."

Wrong Leak

Tenet Resigned because of the leak to Chalabi. Actually this might be close to the truth if it wasn't for talks about his retirement earlier this year.
Hey we got the internet here in Wausau. WallMart bought LibRadio? WTF

Just for the record

I haven't the time to dig through a years worth of posts (can't we have a search engine with our free ice cream?) but I think I called for Tenet's resignation last year, and suggested that it should have been tendered prior to Thanksgiving, 2001.

"Personal Reasons." Original, guys.
My Dell Empire is almost complete. I type this through my 802.11b/g wireless router to my DSL connection. Mwahh ha ha ha!


I live in NYC. I don't like it, but that's the way things are for now.

How do I get scooped by a guy living in Wausau? I mean, what do they have out there besides that insurance company?

Apparently, the North Woods keeps its ear to the ground...
Hanging my head in shame...

Slam Dunk

I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but I find it odd that George Tenet resigns from the CIA during an election cycle on the same night that Bush meets with a criminal defense attorney in regard to the Valerie Plame case.

Say what you want about blow jobs in the Oval Office, when a CIA operative is revealed, there is usually a cycle of executions around the world. Exposure is despicable and a crime. In the words of Bush, the wrong-doers must be punished.

If we can't find the person who leaked to Novak, what hope have we of finding Osama Bin Laden? Oh, wait, we're not interested in finding the political truth. Much like we weren't interested in finding Osama until further in the election cycle.
Al Franken, during a break on discussing this news, was joking about Walmart buying Air America. His joke was that now that he was an employee, he'd like to see the name changed to Al Mart (ha ha! Al Franken, you're such a card!). He ended it with, "It's simple! You just drop the 'W', like America is going to do in November."

Black Helicopters

You heard it here first:
"Tenet was a good man whose career in public service has been stained by George Bush's and Don Rumsfeld's Illegal War."
Maybe I can get a job writing headlines for NPR

Rumsfeld Deals with a Tough Question

Only you can decide how Rummy deals with a reporter's question:

Squish Your Head or Vader's Force Choke?

You decide!

Inspired by Rumsfeld's Fighting Styles

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Spot the Fed and earn $10,000!

Can you spot the secret service agent in this photo?

Don't foget to check out Jenna's Sunburn


I defy you to show me a simular wire service photo of Bill Clinton.

Hey he is still a big government spender, who I didn't vote for, but the press is unfair to him.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

A Few More Good Men

Lt. Weinberg: Why do you like them so much?
Lcdr. Galloway: Because they stand upon a wall and say, "Nothing's going to hurt you tonight, not on my watch."
Of course, the war in Iraq is just a distraction. A distraction that has lead to the liberation of tens of millions of people. But it's just a distraction.

Dude. This Rocks.

This is way better then licking toads or huffing oatmeal off a Weird Al CD.

My new Dell totally freakin rocks. 2.66gHz Pentium 4, 256MB of SDRAM, and more bells and whistles then I ever thought possible. We're talking about the centerpiece of your egg-shaped underground lair, and all for less then $500.

And now the Republicans want to take it away from hardworking Americans and ship it overseas to lesser, browner people like Abu Singh, 32 year old software engineer in Karachi who was denied an H1-B visa and is now completing his application to al-Qaeda - a threat that President Bush has ignored in favor of a pointless war in Iraq.

And you can help! For just pennies a day, you can work to secure a brighter future for tomorrow, for Abu, for this disabled little girl who lost her daddy on the L.A. Freeway on September 11th, and for hardworking Americans like you. And if you call in the next five minutes, we'll make sure you get this NOVA totebag and this "Are You Being Served" tea tray. Because if we don't show it, who will?
This message has been brought to you by every left wing beg-a-thon I have had to endure.

Monday, May 31, 2004

Ask yourself, then answer

Who would that Moqtada freak rather see in the oval office? If you find yourself agreeing with him, you may want to ask yourself why.

What if obl had been apprehended in the late 90's? Why wasn't he? Take 2:11 out of your life to listen to this Q&A.
That's right, fanboy, it was all planned during the August 2001 summer vacation in Texas . . . you're getting very sleepy, very, very sleepy . . . Kerry will make the pain go away . . . Kerry . . . kerry . . .

"You are doing a [subpar] job."

I cannot believe that there are voters who, even at this late date, think that George W. Bush would do a better job of defending America against another terrorist attack than John Kerry. And here's why: he did everything he could to allow the first one to occur.

Terrorism didn't fall into his world-view, so he ignored it. When people raised the alarm, he censured them. When the first plane hit the World Trade Center, he acted as if nothing had happened.

His cronies towed the line as to the "intelligence" they picked and chose. Clinton's team couldn't stress enough the importance of fighting terrorism. And what did they know?

After the WTC bombing, Clinton's administration hunted down and prosecuted terrorists in such a way that they could stop future terror acts. How successful were they? The Millennium Bombing plot was averted. So were a couple of others. In fact, the intelligence gained from the successful prosecution of the WTC bombers is really what gave the war on terror any kind of foundation.

What has Bush done? He attacked Iraq. He's managed to concentrate the terrorists in a foreign area and created such demand that they don't get proper training. Was that what he meant to do? No, according to the pre-war rhetoric. Hell, it wasn't one of their aims according the pre-election rhetoric (courtesy of Project for the New American Century). What were they trying to do?

I would have said extend American Imperialism. I would have said control foreign resources, or get drunk on power, or vicariously make up for their utter lack of military service, or get back at Pappy never being around (note: applies to Gwib only).

But I just don't know anymore. It doesn't make any sense. If they were serious about any of this stuff, I'm sure they would have thought about it with a critical mind and planned extensively. They do so for their political campaign, so we know that they have something.

Or is it just that they are callously trying to distract Americans? That would certainly explain the lack of funerary visits — or even a simple phone call thanking a family for the service of their child, the regret of their loss — when they are able to get off their asses to campaign.

I want them out of office, sure, but Congress has no moral authority left if it fails to impeach these criminals.

Memorial Day: Tillman, redux

Is Pat Tillman a hero? Absolutely. Should we ask that he be remembered for showing us the meaning of sacrifice for our nation? Absolutely. Was he killed by enemy fire? No. No, he was not.
No snark, but needed reporting.