Friday, July 09, 2004

Observations from JavaOne

  1. When you are in our country please wear deodorant.
  2. Large groups from many countries makes for some pretty stinky bathrooms. Think: Curry farts combined with Beer farts
  3. I'm really tired of having Europeans explain to me that America is not liked in the world.
    • Do you think I'm so uniformed that I don't know this?
    • Do you think I really care what the world thinks of America? Headscarves not withstanding, I'm not real pleased with France, but I don't expect them to care what I think of them.
  4. Thai food and Mickey's don't mix.
  5. Sun's Real Time JVM is way cool.
  6. Properly implemented Real Time code should be really boring. You never want to see a 1000 lb Turbine get exciting.
  7. It's unlikely that I'll ever need Sun's Real Time JVM.
  8. NASA is embracing Open Source
  9. James Gosling is a Canadian
  10. In the future cars will have customizable Horn tones.
  11. Think about the Ring tone market. Now item #10 is not as strange as you initially thought.
  12. Item #10 is going to be really freaking annoying.
  13. It's good to be home. Back to my rather small Midwestern existence and thinking small thoughts. See Item #2

Hey if we can quote Star Trek, Shawn should be able to quote Sorokin.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Viva la Fromage!

OK, France is definitely on the wrong side of this. Much like Pat Robertson was on the wrong side of a bad situation (diamonds, Pat? What does God need diamonds for?). I'm not looking to France for the moral victory on most issues.

I'm still not sure how Brian sides on their head scarf ban. I think I know how Terry feels about it and how Michelle feels about it, but Brian remains a mystery. Yes, there was the outrage that France banned the scarves, but was it the ban or the French duplicity?

Oh, and by the way, would we even be looking at the Sudan if not for the Christians in the south? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that we're sticking our noses into something where we might not profit, but are doing it just to save lives. I just want to be clear on the fact that we are entering this fight in large part due to religion.
Still not enough time to respond re: Sen. Clinton. Will try later.

Racial Outrage

The California education chief told a preschooler named Isis that her name means "stupid dirty girl". What happened next? That's right, a Democratic state Assemblyman scheduled civil rights protests. But...

Dymally was quoted in the San Jose Mercury News Thursday saying the child was "a little African-American girl. Would he (Riordan) have done that to a white girl?"

The girl is white, with blonde hair.

Dymally did not return telephone calls. His office issued a statement Wednesday calling Riordan's remarks to the girl "outrageous and irresponsible," then issued another statement Thursday saying, "To err is human; to forgive is divine."

"Race is not a factor in this issue," Dymally said in Thursday's statement, adding that Riordan had apologized a second time. "It is time for us to move on."

I'm not happy about the education chief's comments (and he's done some other rather insensitive stuff in the past as well), but Dymally's turn-around is so stunning, I nearly got whiplash reading about it.
Hey, dude, Pop Culture is the new history. It's so much easier to access, what with being on TV and stuff. History requires degrees and reading.

What is it with These Guys?

France opposes UN Sudan sanctions
France says it does not support US plans for international sanctions on Sudan if violence continues in Darfur.

The UN Security Council is due to discuss a US draft resolution imposing sanctions on militias accused of "ethnic cleansing" against non-Arabs.

The US also hinted that the sanctions could be extended to the government.

[ . . . ]

"In Darfur, it would be better to help the Sudanese get over the crisis so their country is pacified rather than sanctions which would push them back to their misdeeds of old," junior Foreign Minister Renaud Muselier told French radio.

France led opposition to US moves at the UN over Iraq, and as in Iraq also has significant oil interests in Sudan.

Mr Muselier also dismissed claims of "ethnic cleansing" or genocide in Darfur.

"I firmly believe it is a civil war and as they are little villages of 30, 40, 50, there is nothing easier than for a few armed horsemen to burn things down, to kill the men and drive out the women," he said.

I'm now starting to regret not using one of my "France Sucks Part XXVIII" headlines for this one. Where's the outrage? Where are the protests in the streets? Where is Michael Moore, hero of France, to point the official wagging finger of dissent?

The double standard that the U.S. and Israel must live up to is simply shocking. But all the more, we do it, we try and we invariably fail in the eyes of the world.

But then we quietly lead them to where they are today.
We really need to talk about citing Aaron Sorokin's teevee show when there is so much more rich history to compare it to. Go check up on FDR's revolving VPs (never the same one twice!) or some of the stooges who held the office in the 19th c.

One Heartbeat Away

President Bush, on a visit to Mr Edwards' home state of North Carolina, was asked by a reporter about the differences between Mr Edwards - "described as charming, engaging, a nimble campaigner, a populist, and even sexy" - and his Vice-President Dick Cheney.

He replied: "Dick Cheney can be president."

Oh, this burns me up!!! Like John Goodman on West Wing who said that he was "one plate of spare ribs from a massive coronary", I can't think of anyone in worse health to be considered "on call at all times" for the President. There's a decent chance Cheney would pass away during a second term — imagine what would happen if, say, the shock and sorrow of the President chocking on a potato chip swept over him at the same time as the huge onus of the office.
Sounds like must be at least two Dicks in the Executive Branch.

News of the Day

The Republicans hit back, with President George W Bush casting doubt on Mr Edwards' political experience.

Quoth the pot, "Black!"

W's experience? Political experience? How laughable is that? W's sole accomplishment to date was owning a baseball franchise (possibly purchased with illegal-gained monies) and trading away one of the all-time greatest hitters in the game. Then he helped his dad's campaign lose to Bill Clinton (good times) and ran against Ann Richards, the political woman everyone loves.

W still isn't qualified for the job.

So what is this political-speak for? "We can't dig up enough dirt on you to make you look bad." The GOP casts Kerry as having two sides to every issue (I love the fact that his opinion changes over time -- you know, like Strom Thurmond's did). Edwards hasn't been around long enough to build up any attack ads.

'Sides, he's running for Veep. What were Quayle's qualifications?
I'll get back to the "common good" question soon (hint: it has to do with relative incomes and military expenditures). Glad to hear everyone took a couple days off.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The Long Awaited Rant

There were four days off for the Fourth of July holiday - after months of fourteen hour days, it was determined that a long convalescence at home with some DVD's and gin was highly in order. It seems to have worked.

The point of the now long forgotten Hillary quote is that this is the quote that many of us on the Right were waiting for. Imagine the open mic blunder of W stating "Geez, as soon as Ashcroft rounds up all the hippies and we convert all Muslims to Christiandom, everything will be just fine." It's that good for us.

Don't believe for a moment that whatever former Enron-Adviser-turned-economic-columnist Paul Krugman has to say about the trashing of the economy. Unlike gathering storms of enemies abroad, there is ample evidence over the last two hundred years that like sunspots, there is a natural ebb and flow to the economy, impacted from time to time by natural disasters and warfare. 'Tis the way things are. The economy is on the upswing again, and everybody except for the NY Times has figured this out.

But back to Madame Junior Senator. "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good." This begs two questions right off the top - Who is "we" and what is the "common good"?

"We" is whoever she likes and the "common good" is whatever she thinks it is. This neatly underpins the entire debate in this nation. One side believes that you should do with your money whatever the hell you want and the other believes that they know better then you. Yes, yes, yes, there is an arm of the GOP that thinks you shouldn't spend your money on beer and porn and there is an arm of the DNC that thinks you should be able to buy pot and thirteen year old boys. Neither arm is as influential as they'd like to think they are.

Just to wrap this into current events, the party that believes in raising taxes for the common good has just nominated two millionaires. One married into what he hadn't already inherited and the other is an admittedly excellent trial lawyer. These two guys are going to decide that what you need to do with your measly $50K p/year is to give some up to their constituents. The other party has nominated two millionaires who think that you have the right to decide what to spend your dough on.

So we're still in the red/blue divide. My predicition for this election is going to be another razor thin margin, suits filed by the Dems first, and more of the same urban/rural divide that we've seen growing for the last thirty years.

But I ain't saying who's going to win.
Not nearly as rant-filled as I wanted, but the holiday mellowed me. Back to the 14 hour thing.

Quoth My Dad:

"Dick Cheney's ass will be bleeding for weeks after the Vice Presidential Debates."
Normally, I think of it as a side-show. This year, I'll enjoy watching the victory laps the Dems run around the Republicans. The Veep debate's will surely feature Cheney just being mean and insisting that bad intelligence is factual. The Prez debate, meanwhile, will feature Bush name-calling, insisting that he never changed his position on any topic (the 9/11 commission, et al), and adopting multiple pronounciations for every topic.

I asked for that.

Touche, Terry. Touche.
Thank Allah they found the people responsible for those atrocities and placed them in Abu Graib. Wait a second...

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

OK Shawn if you insist