Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Jennifer Emails, pt4

This is from me to my older sister, Jennifer

We have Jimmy Buffet and Bruce Springsteen. Who you got?

Her response:

We got the Arnold and Curt Shilling. Although, I've seen Jimmy in concert, Curt's the miracle worker. Oh, and since you have Clinton, cool points are deducted from Jimmy's appearance.

My retort:

Curt declined to share the stage with Gwib recently. Arnold is
repeatedly denied sexual congress by his wife for his foolish ways.
Arnold also publicly disagrees with Gwib on a number of issues. Oh,
and Clinton remains extremely popular. I have no idea what you're
talking about, unless you're speaking for the mullet vote.


"A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll last week found that 48 percent
of Americans had a positive view of Mr. Clinton, while 38 percent had
a negative view. That approval rating was higher than either President
Bush or Sen. Kerry in the same poll, and importantly, Mr. Clinton
scored even better with independents."


Bush's numbers from the beginning of the month, for comparison
purposes, are 49 positive, 52 negative. His positive rating eroded to
44 by midmonth.


I imagine that conservatives, or at least Republicans, are interested
in job growth, people owner their own homes, low unemployment, low
deficits, low government spending, low income taxes. Guess what?
That's Clinton:

* More than 22 million new jobs
* Highest homeownership in American history
* Lowest unemployment in 30 years
* Lowest poverty rate in 20 years
* Higher incomes at all levels
* $360 billion of the national debt paid off
* Largest budget deficit in American history converted to the
largest surplus
* Lowest government spending in three decades
* Lowest federal income tax burden in 35 years
* Higher stock ownership by families than ever before

Strength and wisdom are not opposing values.
This is Shawn posting for Jennifer, who hasn't quite figured out Blogger yet.

The Jennifer Emails, pt3

This is from my older sister, Jennifer

Yes, a leader should take responsibility for his or her actions. Do you feel that that W is acting "swarmy"? The same could be said of Edwards. He was smirking during the VP debates. It's hard when you have grown up in a critical household to take responsibility for "bad" decisions. When you do not have the correct role model on how to say "I made a mistake. I am sorry. What can we do about it now?", being defensive and blaming others is quite common. [personal examples, excised by Shawn] Everyone fails.

Has W admitted to failing? Well, not really. When asked in the debates to name three things, he weaseled out of it by saying that he was not going to name names. Maybe in his mind he was not weaseling. Maybe in his mind, he still feels responsible for other people's actions (common trait amongst us first borns).

I am glad to hear that you are taking responsibility for your actions. I think that you have a strong will when you feel that things have come down to black vs. white.

Oh, Christians believe that there was only one flawless man, Jesus Christ. I believe that man can be made perfect, through God, after the Resurrection. So no, I don't believe that W is "all that and a bag of chips." And, I don't think he believes that he is either.

This is Shawn posting for Jennifer, who hasn't quite figured out Blogger yet.

The Jennifer Emails, pt2

This is my response to my older sister, Jennifer

I'm not certain I agree with all of your assements for the political sphere, but I will agree that leaders are more than just the smartest person in a room. If that was the case, America would be led by scientists or businessmen, but neither of those would be the perfect people to lead all the time.

Perhaps a personal example would be best.

When I started dating [X], some people said that I should concentrate on myself, having had a marriage just end. The awful things that happened that I've told people about since should also have given me greater pause. There were many times when I should have ended it, but I was resolute and didn't decide what to do based on the suggestions of others. I listened to [X] and trusted in her.

If I went so far as to say that I haven't made any mistakes, I would be just like George Bush at that point. I don't think he's a dummy. I think he's so arrogant that he thinks he's somehow smarter or better than everyone else. You're a Christian, so you might believe in the perfectability of man; regardless, you would say that there was only one flawless person, and that was Christ. For Bush to say that he has no failings is for him to say that he is on the same level as Christ, which I think we can agree, he is not.

Bush has, in my opinion, been wrong on nearly everything he has done (except for getting involved in Darfur early and diesel engine regulations). He accuses others of doing things he regularly does (the flu vaccine is the most recent egregious example; he claimed that Kerry's healthcare plan would lead to government control and rationing; in addition to trying to import vaccines from Canada and France (!) to abate the political pressures he's under, he's also trying to get the government to step in and also make sure that the vaccines only go to those who need them most). He blames others for failings that are essentially his fault (CIA, FBI, etc., etc., etc.).

Where does the buck stop anymore?

I have to take care of my mistakes. Furthermore, when I realized I was in a losing proposition that was only making life worse for all around me, I took steps that were unpopular with some but obviously necessary. I'm still not doing everything right, but I'm trying to improve a little every day. I try to be forthright about my errors and take responsibility. Some day, I would like to serve the nation as an elected official. I think a humble,compassionate approach is needed for the nation. That's what George Bush promised, after all.
This is Shawn posting an email to Jennifer, who hasn't quite figured out Blogger yet.

The Jennifer Emails, pt1

This is from my older sister, Jennifer

Okay, I'm going to make a pitch for W. I have listened to some of your and dad's comments on why not to vote for him. Now, I want to address what seems to be the most common complaint that he's not the brightest.

Out of the [our family's] children, I am not the brightest. I believe that you, Mary, and Carl are more intelligent than I. However, I am the one with the degree, that I got while working and going to school full-time, while going through the pains of a divorce with children. Also, I kept my GPA up and made Dean's list more than once. How come did I do this, while the rest, who have more intellect that I, did not.

There are so many attributes that define a leader. It is debated if a leader is made or born. I believe that certain attributes need to be there, but often a leader become defined by the situation he or she is placed. Not many would have pegged Harry S. (one of my top five in the President's catagory) as Presidential. After all, the man declared bankruptcy, did not graduate college, and was considered to be a lackey of the political bosses. Abe Lincoln failed many a time but rose to the occassion when God called upon him to do so. A modern day unexpected leader? Tom Brady. He does not have the physical abilities of Drew Bledsoe, but Tom has lead the Patriots to two Super Bowl victories in the past three years. No small feat under the modern day cap.

I agree that Kerry is smarter than W, but I do not think that W is a dummy. Again, I believe that there are other attributes that need to be looked at when choosing a leader.
This is Shawn posting for Jennifer, who hasn't quite figured out Blogger yet.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

I speak Jive

Actually, I have some experience with VB, C++, and Java, although I doubt I would be of much help to you right now, Terry. Best of luck.
Interesting that you would have a deadline that might make voting difficult. I smell voter suppression!


The Comfy Chair - A Jarring Chord: "As for Terry, dude, where are you?"

Two words:Financial Incentive

I've got to get some major coding done by the 19th of November. It was enough of an incentive to get me to write in Native code(how primitive). I've got 5 weeks to accomplish the impossible using VB, C++ and Java. Basically been living with my computer.

Monday, October 25, 2004


William H. Rehnquist, second oldest man ever to be chief justice of the Supreme Court bench, has been hospitalized with thyroid cancer.


The Supreme Court is not meeting this week, and Rehnquist is expected back on the bench when the court returns to work next Monday.


Drudge reports that he was trached. I'm deeply concerned by this surprising turn of events.
This doesn't really count as an October Surprise, though.