Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Problem of Sports

  1. Janet Jackson
  2. Nicolette Sheridan
  3. Pacers and Pistons
  4. South Carolina vs Clemson

While I don't think sports represent nearly as bad a problem as politics, I do think that all people can agree that the events listed above clearly require that people of conscience call for the immediate ban of sports.

In fact, since Jacksonville was chosen to host the SuperBowl, I think I will begin calling for the official banning of sports. The local Southern Baptists have already indicated that Ms. Jackson ('cause I'm nasty...) is not welcome. Why not go to the next step? Clearly, sports are the root of all evil.

Or was it something else that was the root of all evil? Can't remember...
Sports were banned during certain periods of English history, so clearly there is a precedent.

Beyond the Outrage

I hate to bring this up again, but I didn't start this. Go back through the articles. Brian posted twice on the Dems, I responded. Then we stopped. Brian posted about how he thinks that claims of vote fraud are funny and I responded, even going so far as to follow the rules while staying jocular.

What do I get? I'm told that I'm unfair for comparing (in humorous fashion) Brian's dismissal of my outrage over voting irregularities to right-wingers' dismissals of left-wingers outrage over 1972 campaign shenanigans. I'm told that my friend "resent[s] the fuck out of it". WTF, dude?

Are you upset because I didn't stop defending myself? Are you upset because I didn't roll over?

Are you upset because you know, deep down, that I might be right?

I know that I am right that these charges shouldn't be dismissed. Every day brings more news of Bush turning the government into a politburo. Every day brings home disatrous news for families around the country as they receive souvenir flags to represent a loss that a $300 tax refund will never fill. What the hell are we doing this for? For cheap energy? For a group of old men's arrogance?

Do I resent the hell out of what you've been saying? Yes. Keep in mind that I live in one of the reddest counties of a narrowly red state. Even still, voting irregularities are being reported in my backyard, and it keeps me mad and motivated.

Why can't we have a clean election? What is the harm in investigating what happened? Why do we have to go to court to look at the ballots? What is your side trying to hide?

As for the assertions that the Left has become more Left, I roundly deny that. I think the Left has grown more centrist (maybe even too centrist) over the years, giving room for Nader and the Greens to grow into a political theme that must be considered. I think that the Right has grown more Right. In 1972, Nixon talked about a minimum family wage and universal health care. Nixon played race politics (guess there weren't many gays back then), and he might have been stinging from his 1960 narrow defeat, when there were allegations of vote fraud in Chicago.

As for Sen. Gene McCarthy, he wasn't a nutball. He was anti-war. Specifically, the Vietnam war. You got a problem with that? You think we should have used tactical nukes in Vietnam?

America must engage its military in certain campaigns. Neither Vietnam nor Iraq are such campaigns. As we begin our war plans against Iran, consider what the Bible says on this topic.
Blessed are the peacemakers.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Brian, Brian, Brian

You failed the X-Files test
All posts had to be sung
You even smacked me down
Now it's your turn
Your turn...
Resent all you want, we'll make more

How Dare They!

News: "ATHENS, Nov 19 (Reuters) - A group of Greek lawyers are threatening to sue Warner Bros film studios and Oliver Stone, director of the widely anticipated film 'Alexander,' for suggesting Alexander the Great was bisexual. "

Only Greeks would be outraged by the suggestion that Alexander the Great liked Women.
Finally done with my project, now for my next trick: Contact "The Women who cannot be contacted" and arrange with her the details of installing it. Could be a long week.

That's Unfair

And I resent the fuck out of it. You're comparing a criminal prosecution to a legal election - in both cases.

The Dems didn't lose in 1972 because some documents were stolen from their campaign office in DC. The Dems lost because their party embraced a clueless representative of the lunatic left. The break in, which was wrong, which was prosecuted, and which resulted in the Carter Administration was a sideshow to one of the biggest landlslides in election history.

Read a frigging book.

I drive around this great country of ours in a fairly purple part of the map. With the exceptions of Florence and Marathon Counties, most of these places are fairly evenly split 50/50. What I see are flagpoles, Church steeples, National Guard Armories, small businesses - things that are largely embraced by the the present Administration.

What I don't see are Abortion Clinics, strip clubs, "peace" protests, co-ops, movie sets, and the rest of what we are led to believe is important to the Left. Because that's not what this country is about - and that is precisely why you lost the last election.

Don't for a minute think that the election was stolen because of some screwy results from a handful of machines across the deep red part of the map in Ohio. They lost the election in Union Halls where the members hunt and go to church regularly. They lost the election in VFW halls where vets were called murderers in April of 1971 by the nominee of the party of FDR. They lost in farm fields across Wisconsin with a candidate who vigorously supported the NE Dairy Compact instead of fair prices for all farmers.

They lost because they prefer to be the party of Michael Moore then the party of Harry Truman. They lost because they think that the ACLU does important work when they throw the Boy Scouts off military bases. They lost because they think that God in schools is more dangerous then free condoms for fourteen year old girls.

They lost because they . . .

Sing this post to whatever goddam song you want to.
I would suggest Fear and Loathing Campaign Trail 72 - even HST sees the disarray through his drug induced haze.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Liberals complained then
Right wing ignored them
Turns out Lefties were right
We're right...
I bet in 1972 you'd be telling me that the break ins were no big deal and that I should just get over it.

Honesty, such a lonely word

Just admit it to us
You'll never accept the results
There's no hope for you
Vote Blue . . .
You lost . . .

By 2006 I will be comparing you to those Imperial Japanese Army types who held out on various Pacific islands until the 1960s.

First Attempt

Mounting evidence now shows
The election was rigged
What kind of democracy is this

Monday, November 15, 2004

Pointless Rules

Sorry dude, gotta be able to sing it to the X-Files theme. F'rinstance:
I sent MoveOn five bucks
Told them it was from you
from you . . .
piss off . . .

Arafat is dead
He smells like dead mufti
the smell . . .
is good . . .

This may be a longer week then the Star Wars Limerick week in '03


I'll make a donation to MoveOn in your name.
Any more crap, and I'll make a donation in your name to LaRouche

Investigate The Vote!

The good little conspirazoids at are starting a drive to investigate the vote. You can send them your story of voter intimidation at:

Here's mine:
"I was on my way to the polling place at the local high school when numerous police cars started driving around and around the block at the school. I knew that I wasn't in any trouble with the law, but I knew there were others who might be intimidated by the presence of the police officers. I went in, showed them my ID and got my ballot. I filled in the ballot, fed it into the machine and the LED lights started flashing "Miority Democratic Voter!" It spit the ballot into an adjacent shredder and then called me a rude name. I was escorted out of the polling place by a cadre of highly skilled ninja alien GOP election monitors, who broke off one of my arms , and beat me with it. He then reattached my arm, gave me a sweetie and told me to come back to vote later. I did and it was okay."

The important thing to remember is that despite ample opportunity to do so, I did not send it in using the email address of
The remaining posts for this week must be singable to the theme from the X-Files.