Friday, January 14, 2005

Absolutely Had to Pass This Along

"'Apple Computer' is nothing more than a liberal-backed fifth column intended to subvert the American computer industry, and ultimately bankrupt good capitalist companies such as Microsoft and Intel. "Apple" isn't the only front group run by the International Communist Conspiracy. "Sun Microsystems" engages in similar monopolistic practices, trying to enforce a single hardware and software standard on all users, instead of the choices offered by Microsoft. Worst of all are the smaller Red fronts using the communist Linux operating system, with names like "Mandrake" (a French front, of course), and even really obvious ones like Red Hat! Linux is distributed under a Commie license that forces developers to give away the fruits of their labour, just as Marx ordered all good Communists to work as much as they could for a pittance in return in an illusory equal society. All of these so-called companies are just fronts for Communists and liberal fellow-travellers. Remember, when you buy Apple or download Linux, you're supporting Communism. Good Americans support real freedom-loving businesses like Microsoft, SCO, and AMD."

[Excerpt from "Apple Computer": A Ridiculous LIberal Myth]

Tin Foil Hat enough for you?
Of course I'm scared of God. He's a jealous old hermit who lives in the sky and can read my mind. Plus, He has a really creepy beard! Puhleez. Why are so many thumpers afraid of Chuck Darwin?


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