Wednesday, January 19, 2005


From that bastion of Right-wing groupthink, MSNBC:
Exit polls say Bush won fair and square

Overestimates of Sen. John Kerry’s support in presidential exit polls conducted on Election Day do not support allegations of fraud, according to an examination of the $10 million system released Wednesday.

The examination concludes that the exit-polling system worked properly, stressing that in the end, none of its clients — ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, NBC and The Associated Press — was misled into making an inaccurate projection of the winner of any race. “However, the estimates produced by the exit poll data on November 2nd were not as accurate as we have produced with previous exit polls,” it said.

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When Bush turned out to be the winner, some Kerry partisans used the exit polls to insist that the Republicans had somehow stolen votes, especially in the swing states of Pennsylvania and Ohio and in districts that were using electronic voting systems for the first time.

But Edison and Mitofsky said a thorough examination of the survey data demonstrated that Bush won the election fair and square.

“Exit polls do not support the allegations of fraud due to rigging of voting equipment,” the report concluded. “Our analysis of the difference between the vote count and the exit poll at each polling location in our sample has found no systematic differences for precincts using touch screen and optical scan voting equipment.”
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Not that I expect this to change the flavor of the Kool-Aid any. But, it's like, y'know, confirmation of what Sen. Biden said.
There were no exit pollers in Oneida, a purple county. What does this tell us about their results?


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