Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Look man, you wrote it, and I quote:
I'm almost willing to let all social services be destroyed and let the US fall back into a Great Depression, almost as if to make a point of why Democrats ran the country for so long. I could sit on the sidelines and laugh while the government is turned into a corporate welfare machine. I could laugh when the next disease outbreak wipes out a generation or two, or people die of hunger. These things happened in America, and they could just as easily happen again.

It's not like I'm going "all Fox News" on you - you wrote it now stand by it. You are willing to "sit on the sidelines and laugh" while millions suffer to make a political point.

This is strong stuff and I'm not in the habit of deleting posts. It is apparently your desire to make invalid political points through the suffering of others.

This kind of hysteria is precisely why Dems and The American Left lose elections. You are willing to let millions suffer to make political hay rather then accepting reality. Kerry wasn't the abberation, Bill Clinton was.

Bush Won The Election.
Joe Biden Says Get Over It.

OTOH, you could work to make change and be an obnoxious prick at cocktail parties - "I registered Half Black Latina Lebian Handicapped Vets to vote in the last election, what did you do?"

I haven't posted on the tens of thousand of questionable votes cast in Milwaukee County in the last election. Maybe I should if you aren't going to follow Joe Biden's sound advice.
Giggle! And he looks like a chimp, too! Have you ever noticed that he looks alot like a chimp! Giggle!


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