Friday, January 14, 2005


AS for this pressing discussion of a seventy year old argument . . . is it the belief of the Left that what children learn in school are the only things they know? Are children only required to learn those things they will know in life at school and nowhere else?

Tom Brokaw's Greatest GenerationTM was taught that:

a) the continents formed when the Earth was created and that the drift theory was impossible and;

b) that the "cratered" appearance of the moon was the result of volcanism.

The competing theories of the day eventually won out, but in both cases they still haven't been completely disproven, either. Continents were formed when the Earth was created - the west Coast of S. America is possibly the oldest place on earth - virtually unchaged by continental drift. The moon did go through a period of volcanism, as shown by some fairly impressive 14,000 foot peaks that could not have been made by meteor impacts.

So some schools want to teach competing theories. BFD. Why, after having the Left lecture us about shades of gray for the last two generations are we being told that there is only one possible truth, no more no less?

If you child learns something that you consider bullshit at school - do you:

a) tell the kid that Teacher is sometimes wrong?

b) tell the kid that Teacher is never wrong?

c) tell the kid that yeah, that's one theory and I'd probably put it down on a test if asked, but here's a book you might want to read when the class is done, okay?

d) take your kid out of school completely, homeschool them, teach them to be suspicious of all organized learning, and convince them that you, and you alone know the absolute truth - not those bastards on the school board, oh no, with their masonic handshakes and their coded messages - I know what they're trying to do, and I won't let them, no siree, they're shooting their voodoo into your noodle and you won't stand for it, uh uh, you know what Im talking about right righttheycanttakeitawayfrommenowayusslkjas;9*A9u ns zx ................................................

For God's sake, the Huygens probe just soft landed on Titan, and we're debating the Scope's Monkey Trial?
The Corner has been doing this thing all week on Intelligent Design Theory - frankly, it bores the crap out of me and my Clock Making God


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