Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Huh. That's an interesting theory.

The guys over at Winds of Change have an interesting thing today about Onaist Theory of Activism (whatever the hell that is)

The basic thesis of their post is that today's activists, both on the left and the right, have abandoned any precept of actually persuading people and are simply left with a religious ritual which they must perform to satisfy their . . . whatever(?)

I'm reminded of the recent debates over the nomination of our new Secretary of State. This is a fairly mundane process that rarely, if ever, goes sideways for the Administration. The opposition decided to turn it into some kid of a half-assed filibuster and made fools of themselves - the final vote was something like 85-15.

[This happened during the previous administration, too. I just can't remember which post it was - AG?]

The fact of the matter is that much of what counts as political activism these days is simply street theatre, not intended to persuade anyone but the dimmest. I hardly think anyone has ever looked at a "Bush=Hitler" poster and said to themselves, "Damn, that's interesting, I think I'll go completely over to the other side and help spread this new theory!"

Hmmmm . . . does this post need a segue back into the evolution debate?
Jon Bon Jovi is a cousin of the guy who played Epstein on Welcome Back Kotter


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