Monday, January 03, 2005

Kill Them All, Let Allah Sort It Out

OK, it's taken me a while to get my mind around it, but I think I'm starting to. Brian hates "Islamo-terrorists" because of the Iran Hostage crisis, which was "resolved" (peacefully) in 1980 with the election of Ronald Reagan, who bombed Libya (can't remember why, though; I think it had something to do with their inability to effectively retaliate), but left Iran alone.

Well, mostly alone. In the 80s, Reagan also allowed the US to secretly and illegally sell weapons to our most hated enemies.

In the 80s, we also helped out Iraq, under the "Enemy of Our Enemy" program.

We were struck in 2001 by Saudi terrorists in a plot devised by a Saudi living in Afghanistan. We struck at Afghanistan, but never captured nor killed the leader.

We then invaded the neighboring country, based at best on faulty intelligence we wanted to believe. We told the neighboring country on the run-up to invasion that they had to disavow all of their programs we didn't like, which, by the way, would have made them a nice target of Iran.

In other words, none of this has to do with Iran. Some of this recent unpleasantness has to do with September 11th, but as we've all agreed in the past, the US forces in Afghanistan are significantly less than those in Iraq.

Additionally, the Pentagon is actually running a campaign to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqis. We're miserably failing, as even the Pentagon agrees.

Does this seem like a policy to exterminate terrorism everywhere? Wouldn't we be more effective completely running a country at a time? Or maybe we could put a country on lock-down, search for terrorists in every quarter, publicly execute them, etc. It worked for the Romans.

Instead, under Brian's worldview, the mouth of Sauron has come out to treat with us, and we've invited it to sit down to tea. Meanwhile, we've invaded the Dwarvish lands to the north in hopes that it will draw out the Uruk-hai.

Per my discussion the other day, the reason that the Iranians captured our embassy was because we'd used it as a base of operations to overthrow an elected (albeit, Socialist) government and install the Shah. The reason that we fought Gulf War I was to keep the Kuwaiti royals installed. The reason the Taleban took over Afghanistan was because we supported them to kick out the Commies. The reason bin Laden (who is our real enemy) struck us was because we kept troops in Saudi Arabia during Gulf War I.

My point? We suffer under tragedies of our own making. We plucked our eyes out and continue to make time with Jacosta.

We need to protect people instead of wealth. The Shah was installed at the urging of British Petroleum. Look where it's led us.
"Do you ever wonder to yourself, why we don't defend people, we just defend wealth?" — Billy Bragg


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