Thursday, January 13, 2005

Let the Great Debate Begin!

Does anyone want to explain why my "theory" of Creationism doesn't hold
water? ---jenny

And yes, please do post this to the blog...

Early mammal dined on dinosaurs
Fossilized remains show a tiny dinosaur in the belly of a mammal - a
startling find for scientists who long believed early mammals were too
small and timid to eat the giant reptiles.

Well, for starters, your "theory" of Creationism would likely have palentologists uncovering older mammal fossils (or at least mammal fossils that are as old as the older dinosaur fossils as judged by strata, etc.) and human fossils alongside dino fossils.

This discovery is surprising for two reasons: first, it shows that mammals were larger earlier than previously thought and secondly, that mammals ate dinosaurs. The previous thought was that dinosaurs were such effective predators that mammals had to live in the margins, and the most effective way for them to do that would be through remaining small.

In fact, mammals probably outbred dinosaurs. Extant lizards and avian species are known for having problems maintaining their populations under stress.

Let me flat out say this, though: Evolution is a fact. The method and process are where theory kicks in. As for the whole "competing theory" argument, that doesn't hold water when the Flat-Earthers or Holocaust Deniers come to town, either.

As for Creationism, it's taking its lumps these days. I'm confident the Pennsylvania Intelligent Design stupidity will likewise soon be struck down. It's the 21st Century, for crying out loud.
Confidential Note to JAL: Should we get on the phone sometime so I can teach you how to use Blogger?


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