Saturday, January 15, 2005


The New Hero of the American Left

I'm not joking. Michael Moore, Tim Robbins, et al, will be all over this poor guy whose superiors hung him out to dry - just like those kids in A Few Good Men. Expect interviews on 60 Minutes from Leavenworth, bumperstickers and an appeal handled by Ramsey Clark.

Hey Chuck, you swore to follow all "lawful" orders - the onus was on you to disobey them and go to their superiors (Like the others did). Damn the bad luck. But I bet tearing off a piece of that white trash chick was worth it, wasn't it?

Blue Bracelets
You can wear a blue rubber bracelet to show fawning Euroweenies and the guys at the Volvo dealership that you voted for the other guy (the Man of the PeopleTM)

They will also indicate that you are a shallow narcissist who thinks the rest of us give damn about who you voted for.
(On a related, media bias note, the link is to "anti_bush_bracelets_3" - even though the article clearly states you can get a red one to show your affiliation with all of us in Jesusland. But the important thing is that you can stick it to the man, man!)


Methane Ocean Front Property, you can almost see the Makenzie's house from here. Your obscure Clarke reference for the day. In that novel, he also tackled the same moral and ethical issues of cloning that we're debating now. He wrote it in the early 70s.

What did she do to you?

Dude, that's just harsh. And not all that funny, either.
Some of us see the evolution debate as religious stupidity and others as an effort by the public schools to deny that religious faith exists in this country despite their best efforts to the contrary.


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