Tuesday, January 18, 2005


As in "tepid". As in "so-so".

I'm not a mystery buff, so I'm a little insulted when I figure out a mystery before the leads of a show.

I'm not an actor, so I'm a little insulted when I know for certain that I could deliver lines more authentically than the leads of a show.

I'm not a screenwriter, so I'm a little insulted when a show gives their leads sterotyped crappy roles. (Rene Echevarria, how could you do this to us?)

I was, however, a big fan of the X-Files. The fact that Medium appears to have stolen their opening credits really annoys me.

The show has fans, who are nuts:

That was a great, great show!! And I loved the chemistry between her and her husband. I have high expectations for it. Besides they mixed in crime which is the new trend right now. Well no not really new but every single show on TV has to be a crime scene investigation or have a gay character. [from the IMDB message board for the show]

Then please, for the love of sanity, bring in some gay characters! Actually, I thought the husband was gay. Australian accent, too much hair product: I was thinking "The Boy From Oz" (although not Hugh Jackman, who is an uber-actor for making Wolverine macho without making him two dimensional).
Eh. I won't be watching it, even though it could fill up that void in my life between the far, far superior "24" and far, far superior "The Daily Show".


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