Tuesday, January 18, 2005

More Smackdown on Medium

I should probably just let it go, but it ticks me off that Medium is so bad.

Also, I was trying to determine if someone that might have had anything to do with the X-Files authorized the theft of the intro.

Instead, I found Tim Squyres.

Mr. Squyres was the editor for Wo hu cang long, or for all of us non-Mandarin speakers, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

As a point of fact, he's worked on all of Ang Lee's films.

This is worse than Rene "Best of DS-9" Ecchevaria's betrayal with crap, this is horrible. There are at least two people on the production team and in the workings of the show (Rene's on the writing staff and Tim helps out with the filming) who should know better.

Yes, I am aware that Kelsey Grammer's also on the production staff. He's also a producer on "Girlfriends". Enough said.

Fortunately, the sour taste of Monday was washed out of my mouth with "Scrubs" and "Committed". Very funny. I'm not saying that Brian should get cable or anything, but it's really funny.


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