Monday, January 03, 2005

My Problem with the Justice Department's Torture Definition Expansion

The Justice Department published a revised and expansive definition late yesterday of acts that constitute torture under domestic and international law, overtly repudiating one of the most criticized policy memorandums drafted during President Bush's first term. [source]

First paragraph, since we all know I don't like to look too deeply into things...

The Justice Department is an executive branch. It is about to be (unless the Senatorial Dems grow a pair) headed by the guy who wrote the offending memo in the first place. Considering the outplacement services required at the CIA after Porter Goss showed up, I think it would be safe to recommend to the guys at Justice that they polish up those resumes. Perhaps not, as the article goes on to state that perhaps this new memo was intended to clean up the mess of the earlier one.

My biggest problem with it is that we had to do this clean up. We had to undo our legitimization of discredited interrogation techniques that have led to deaths.

Torture should be like pornography: I know it when I see it.
Odd that a UC Berkley guy helped define torture. Oh, wait: he clerked for Thomas.


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