Wednesday, January 12, 2005

People's Choice

Yes, you're going to have to hear about this from me, too:
"I feel a kind of strange kinship with Michael. They're always tying to pit us against each other in the press...the left, the right…" he commented, clearly dismissive of the idea.

"I saw his film, I liked it," Gibson said of "9/11," though he indicated that he might disagree with some points and some editing. "However, the question - and I didn't need to see his film to answer the question - is, why are we in Iraq?"

Gibson said that no one had explained to him adequately "why we went in and why we're there."

When a New York Times columnist asked Gibson, "What do you like best about Catholicism and Jesus Christ?" Gibson snapped, "Next question." And as a reporter began asking another question, he added: "Don't f--- with me."

Doesn't take crap, devout Catholic, and also cannot understand our mission in Iraq: Mr. Mel Gibson.
Let the demonization of Mel Gibson from the Right begin! Start where the Left left off.


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