Friday, January 14, 2005

Suspicions Confirmed

"The guys give me [SP4 Garner] hell for not getting any pictures while I was fighting this guy," said one message, titled "just another dull night at [Abu Ghraib]," with a photograph attached of a bound and naked detainee howling with pain, his legs bleeding. To an e-mail message about a Take Your Children to Work Day event, he replied, "how about send a bastard to hell day?" attaching a photograph of a detainee's head bloodied beyond recognition.

With a photograph of him stitching a wound on a detainee's eye, he wrote: "Things may have gotten a bit bad when we were asking him a couple of questions. O well." A similar photograph is titled "cool stuff." It was attached to an e-mail reading, "Like I said, sometimes you get to do really cool stuff over here," ending it "xoxoxoxo to all."

Sending the same photograph to another friend, Specialist Graner wrote, "Try doing this at home, and they'll lock you up if you don't have some type of license," adding, "Not only was I the healer, I was the hurter. O well life goes on."
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Anyone who has spent any time around the corrections community will tell you that stupidity and cruelty are the order of the day in most institutions. I don't think that the conduct was ordered by higher ups, just that the behavior was not discouraged, either.
Damn. I'm putting my Evolution Arguments in a separate posting now.


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