Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Why He Lost?

Jeez. Eyes squinted shut, finges in the ears, screaming out "My Country 'Tis of Thee" off key, the Republicans still like to make fun of they guy who garnered more votes than Ronald Reagan either time. Why is this?

Why are Iraqis fleeing their country prior to elections, despite our promises to protect them? [source]

Why are Bush's numbers further dropping? [source]

Why are we actively seeking to piss off nuclear powers? [source]

I agree that asking what is Kerry's deal is a great question. I thought he conceeded far too early. There was no Constitutional crisis. Supporters were willing to stick through it. Kerry failed us. I still think he'd be a better President. I still think that this last election was dirty, and I can lay out a laundry list of reasons why.

But it doesn't really matter, does it? Kerry (like many others on the Left) won't fight and Conservatives won't listen. If the Left makes concessions, the Right demands more while belittling the Left. If the Left holds its ground, the Right cries foul. There's no winning. There doesn't even seem to be a middle ground.

I'm almost willing to let all social services be destroyed and let the US fall back into a Great Depression, almost as if to make a point of why Democrats ran the country for so long. I could sit on the sidelines and laugh while the government is turned into a corporate welfare machine. I could laugh when the next disease outbreak wipes out a generation or two, or people die of hunger. These things happened in America, and they could just as easily happen again.

Yeah, I'm a leftie. I'd rather that the United States be more like Europe countries than African countries. I'd like to have some more confidence in my electoral system, to start. How is that wrong or stupid?
Ann Venneman is going to lead Unicef starting May 1st. They had better not ask me for a dime.


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