Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Wrong and Stupid

Look where it was attached, Brian.

Confidence in the Electoral System.

I know that you have a special knack for making sound, logical arguments. I know you can follow sentences. It's your life's calling. Don't play Fox News on me here.

As for what I was saying about letting my countrymen die off is that I don't want the Left to have to clean up the errors of the Right. 'Sides, the Right is just as concerned about the welfare of their fellow men, right? The Right retaining power for another 18 months will completely vindicate them, wouldn't you say? Conservatives will get to show the namby-pamby alarmist Left that all of their worries were unfounded and that the Conservative Approach is definitely the best way. Or are we no longer in a marketplace of ideas?

Please also consider the careful use of the word "almost". Feel free to delete your post if you want.
Yeah, Aerobus totally sucks. That's why Airbus's parent company BAE's stock is rated "Outperform" versus Boeing's rating of "Hold". There's also some rather interesting differences in the market caps that I really won't get into.

That's also why Boeing's recent products of ... oh, man, what have they done recently? I remember the 757 not being ordered by anyone, and the exec that they "hired" after she helped them score a sweet Air Force contract that has since gotten her in a bit of trouble, but I really blank out after that...

Oh, that's right, they're in the doldrums now.

And Boeing never gave the general American public the gift of supersonic travel.


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