Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Yeah, Newsflash

It's weird that poor people keep voting for enhanced tax cuts for rich people. What is the matter with Kansas, indeed.

Rich people found out a long time ago that poor people can be easily manipulated. Poor people live in fear of disease, death, and unemployment, so they put their focus on other things they have some greater sense of control over: generally sports and religion. These two are great for moving money up the hierarchy, because it offers feeble hope, much like the lottery.

So you tell poor people that banning homosexual unions is something you strongly support, win re-election ... and then never mention it again. All the while, you're working on getting the money out of Social Security where it might help someone and instead liberate it for scavenging by Wall Street!

Much like telling people that we believe that Iraq has WMDs and will continue to look for them. Except, now we aren't anymore. Say that we are setting up a democracy in Iraq to stabilize the region, but Iraqis probably won't be able to vote in some areas. Good thing we shifted the focus of the election to gays (the fault of conservatives) and stem cell research (the fault of liberals).

Does the left have more money? I kind of doubt it. Are rich liberals more willing to talk about social issues and apply their money to helping America? Looks like it. Besides, if liberals have so much money and are so despised, why not tax them more?
It's no newsflash, though, that I scored as lust (followed by sloth, pride, and vanity) on the Seven Deadly Sins test.


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