Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Get A Life

Guy Benson is the kind of 19-year-old who has contacts at the Pentagon and who refers to himself as being “on the record” in support of Social Security privatization. He’s operations manager of Northwestern’s radio station WNUR, where he’s also one of the conservative hosts of the political debate show Feedback, and for the last three summers he’s interned at Fox News. A student at the Medill School of Journalism, he’s the most outspoken member of the Northwestern University College Republicans. When the Daily Northwestern needs a quote from a conservative about Howard Dean or a protest against the war in Iraq, they call up Guy. [More . . . ]

One day, and I predict this with the kind of clarity that only comes from experience, this kid will wake up, discover he's 40 and that he was never twenty.

The shitstorm will begin at that point. And the other talking heads will wonder why he's doing this weird Marv Albert/Jim Bakker thing with that amputee hooker from Reno.
Get laid. Now.


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