Monday, April 25, 2005

If you're greeted by this on Sunday Morning. . .

You either need a new church or a new political party. There is enough pander here to make Bill Clinton blush. This is pathetic. But wait, there's more - buried in the artcle:

About 2,000 people packed into the Highview Baptist Church here for the telecast, and organizers said it was broadcast to several hundred churches by satellite, thousands of people over the Internet and 61 million households over Christian radio and television stations.

Liberal groups, meanwhile, stepped up their attacks on both Dr. Frist and the proposed rule change. About 1,200 liberal Christians gathered at a rally at a Presbyterian church here to protest what one speaker, the left-leaning evangelical Jim Wallis, called "a declaration of a religious war" and "an attempt to hijack religion."

Separately,, a liberal advocacy group, said it was paying $700,000 for television commercials attacking the rule change, including some depicting a herd of Republican elephants trampling Congress. Its organizers said they would hold 120 rallies around the country on Wednesday, including one in Washington with a speech by former Vice President Al Gore. Mr. Gore's participation "elevates the fight beyond D.C.," said Ben Brandzel of
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Yeah, break out the Gorebot - that'll teach 'em. $700K for more television commercials? Even more reason to be happy we unplugged the cable.

Chicken breasts? Chicken shit. There are plenty of Australian Bikini sites out there that you could've visited to get the necessary quoto of breasts (more then one, only two or more if there are more then two complete female bodies in the frame.


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