Thursday, April 14, 2005

Modern Journalism at it's Finest

As equally childish as the previously mentioned "art"work:
Slime-mold Beetles Named for Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld

Three new beetles of the genus Agathidium have been named after members of the current administration: A. bushi, A. cheneyi and A. rumsfeldi.

Two former Cornell University entomologists, Quentin Wheeler and Kelly Miller, were in charge of naming 65 new species of slime-mold beetles, which they discovered while studying the insects' evolution and classification.

Curiously, this paragraph is found buried 3/4 of the way down through the the article:
Some of the other recently identified specimens were named after the entomologists' wives and their scientific illustrator, as well as Pocahontas, Hernan Cortez, and the Aztecs.

Slime-mold Beetles Named for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Mrs. Wheeler and Mrs. Miller must not be as sexy a headline.

The aforementioned "art" sucks because it's only message seems to be "I'm an overgrown adolescent with authority figure issues! Buy my work so I don't have to use my talents for 'the man'." Bush as Hitler? That didn't strike any chords during the election, why is anyone going to give a fuck now?

God, I *love* running my own office

"As my opinion of the law is invalidated by my lack of a legal education, so my opinion of art is invalidated by my limited art education." You've really got to get over this. And then get a frickin' degree in something other then bitching about the Executive Branch.


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