Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Morning Salvo

  • Homeland Security listed ALF and ELF as domestic terrorist threats. Deaths resulting from these groups: 0. No right-wing nutjob groups were listed. Deaths resulting from right-wing nutjobs: 168 from the OKC bombing alone. WTF?

  • CDC is all in an uproar when their statistics over the leading causes of death are internally disputed. The order was: tobacco, diet/overweight, alcohol, germs, toxins, car crashes, guns, "risky sexual behavior", and drugs. No matter how you look at the order, tobacco, alcohol, weight, cars, sex, drugs and germs are all discussed in some fashion at schools. The message of most those discussions? Completely avoid these causes of death. Cars are also discussed in school, but not in an abstaining fashion. Why do we expect the preaching of abstainence as the solution to any of these problems? The government itself regulates most of these things, but other than sex, refuses to say that complete avoidance is a solution.

  • Why is mechanically altering the private performance of copyrighted movies now allowed but software to merely allow the unaltered performance of such material illegal? Stupid DCMA.

  • Ratzinger is the one who instructed priests to deny Kerry communion. Wow. Talk about Papist interference in national politics. This guy is a bozo. Considering that Schwartzenegger and Pataki, who support a woman's right to a private life free of government interference, were never in danger of being denied communion, Ratzinger's earned my ire for a long time to come. Rat bastard.

For those playing along at home, here are the statistics of those who have annoyed me this morning:

Congress: 1
White House: 2
Vatican: 1
"Risky sexual behavior"? That could cover everything from one-handed typing (potential damage to computer) to pulling out in time. We are talking about unprotected sex rather than exhibitionism, right?


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