Wednesday, April 13, 2005


I love watching Fox in the morning so I can better identify idiots I encounter in life. For example, if someone told me that there was a new book laying out a plan to fight terrorism, I might be interested. That is, until, I find out that the book they're talking about is "They Just Don't Get It", which appears to have been written by a 13 year old boy who thinks Napolean Dynamite is "frickin' sweet".

"Hang onto your ball caps and hairpieces, this is going to be monkey-butt ugly." Indeed. Delivering an account of the U.S.'s failures in combatting terror, Hunt, a Fox TV News military analyst and retired army colonel, depicts a world of gutless politicians, bungling bureaucrats, deceitful allies and bleeding-heart liberals. His solution is to expand the armed forces and vastly contract bureaucracy, especially the many intelligence agencies, which he proposes be combined into one central bureau with a single, long-term director who is exempt from testifying before congressional committees. Hunt hates congressional committees and admires elite military teams like the SEALs and Delta Force; he wants them turned loose. Merged into the "TKA" (Terrorist Killing Agency), they would receive intelligence from the now competent intelligence bureau, proceed to wherever terrorists operate and (with or without the host country's permission) kill them. The author considers Israel an ideal model; its forces, he says, respond viciously to every attack. Legal niceties and public relations take a back seat. Assassination teams travel the world to murder Israel's enemies. (Thoughtful readers may wonder why, after decades of slugging it out, Israel remains wracked with terrorism.) No group escapes the author's venom—or his praise. (On sale Apr. 12)

How irresponsible. The next time we take our case to the world to ask them for anything, they can use this book as another example of American jingoism and cowboy attitude.

Why should it be so difficult to distinguish between screeds written by retired military officers and kids before they go on shooting sprees at school?


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